For those new to the channel, the idea of an organization controlling the globe & pulling the strings of the American government may seem far-fetched. How could that possibly happen to a country founded on the virtues of independence and liberty?

If you ask us, there’s undoubtedly an existential threat to our Constitution. The threat however, does not come from any cave in Kandahar or from a bat in Wuhan. It unquestionably emanates from the Pratt House in New York City, home of the Council on Foreign Relations also known as the CFR. Find out more details about the CFR and their shady ties to our government on this episode of Constitution Corner!


0 #1 W.H. Lamb 2021-07-03 09:37
WITHOUT ANY DOUBT the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) is the greatest existential threat to our constitutional republic. Comrade Pseudo-President Biden's administration is infested with CFR members, as was Comrade Obama's administration. We need to expose the CFR for the treasonous group they are!

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