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After last year’s election debacle, states legislatures are considering bills that would make our elections safer. However, Democrats want the opposite. They are even running from their elected duties and asking their big brothers in Washington, D.C. to fight their battles.  We are watching this unfold in Texas as we speak.

Texas Senate Republicans considered Senate Bill 1 this week which had a number of provisions to safeguard their elections. It would ban drive-thru voting except for those with disabilities as well as overnight voting. In larger areas, video surveillance would be required along with a live stream during vote counting. Additionally, voter identification would be required as well as information from a person submitting ballots on behalf of someone else.

While Senate Bill 1 was passing, House Democrats fled the state to avoid a vote on the House companion bill, House Bill 3. After 58 Democrats boarded private jets to Washington, D.C., the House did not have a quorum to proceed to a vote. The Texas House Democratic Caucus issued a joint statement to pass the buck to Congress saying:

We are now taking the fight to our nation’s Capitol. We are living on borrowed time in Texas. We need Congress to act now to pass the ‘For the People Act’ and the ‘John Lewis Voting Rights Act’ to protect Texans — and all Americans — from the Trump Republicans’ nationwide war on democracy.

They may be knocking on the House’s door, but nobody is home.  The House of Representatives is out of session this week. They can’t go back to their state though. Texas Governor Greg Abbott said:

If these people want to be hanging out wherever they’re hanging out on this taxpayer-paid junket, they’re going to have to be prepared to do it for well over a year. As soon as they come back in the state of Texas, they will be arrested, they will be cabined inside the Texas Capitol until they get their job done.

He plans to call back-to-back sessions until the vote proceeds.

It’s no surprise that Democrats in various states are looking to Congress to do their dirty work. The House of Representatives have already passed H.R. 1, the For the People Act, and Senate Democrats are loudly pushing their version. These bills promise federal overtakes of state election systems meaning state-elected Democrats will no longer need to pay attention to how their elections are conducted. The trickle-down effect from a solidified Democrat majority in Congress would give state Democrats exponential money and power.

President Joe Biden gave Texas Democrats a pat on the back by calling this bill “un-American.” This isn’t the first time he has flexed his power on voting issues. His Department of Justice recently sued the state of Georgia over their election bill under the guise of woke politics. Attorney General Merrick Garland claims that Georgia’s law denies residents access to vote due to their race. However, when the Democrat National Committee pulled the same stunt in Arizona, the Supreme Court upheld the state’s new election law.

We, at Eagle Forum, are seeing people from across the nation fighting for election security and ensuring that all voices are heard. While Democrats seem to have the louder voice at times, they continue to lose the battle and make themselves look foolish. To take action in your state, visit eagleforum.org to find your Eagle Forum state chapter.

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