Take Control of Parenthood

The definition of “family planning” has changed over the years. In fact, Planned Parenthood does not plan for parenthood at all. Feminists and the abortion industry are focused on wiping out families by encouraging contraceptives that shut down women’s reproductive systems. These contraceptives are given to women without any other choices or an explanation of their side effects. Many times, women end up having adverse effects that result in difficulties getting pregnant or exacerbating health conditions already present.

Fertility Awareness, also known as Natural Family Planning (NFP), is a healthy alternative to medical contraceptives. Not only does it help women achieve or avoid pregnancy, but it also educates them about how their body works so they can advocate for their health inside and outside of the doctor’s office. 

In Season 1 of Engage with Eagle Forum, our guests gave an overview of Fertility Awareness and some of the methods involved. Some of you had questions, so we went live on Facebook to answer them. We are now bringing you two more episodes in light of NFP Week during the week of July 25th. 

In this episode, NFP Coach and Registered Nurse Sara Flood joins Eagle Forum’s Political Director Tabitha Walter to talk about the scientific advances of Fertility Awareness and the technology that can help a woman understand her body better.

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