May 15, 2010, was a pleasant, warm Saturday.  We drove toward Choice Hills Baptist Church to attend Pastor Craig’s wedding, and along the way we listened to his Trumpet Pulpit segment on WTBI radio.  Bro. Stan Craig was happily preaching “live” from his church office!  It was 12:30pm, and getting closer to the start of his own wedding ceremony!  Being so near to the starting time, it made us both chuckle!  You could just imagine Brother Craig’s big smile!  He said, “In just 30 minutes,  I’m going to be married!  Everyone is invited to come!” He continued to preach, then our car’s clock showed the ceremony would begin in only 15 minutes!  Well, that’s just like dear Pastor Craig!  That’s what makes him special! He never skips a beat, and he loves the souls of the people of Greenville!  Dr. Craig definitely can preach  both  “in season and out of season!”  Stan Craig of Greenville, South Carolina, and Beverly Freeney of Akron, Ohio, will begin a new chapter of life together.  These two dear saints had spouses who had  previously gone home to be with the Lord.  In a few minutes, we all would witness and celebrate the joining of  these two dear friends!   Ecclesiastes 3 says, “To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven ... a time to embrace ... a time to love ... He hath made everything beautiful in His time...”

We pulled into the parking lot of the church, and against a pale blue sky furled  American and Christian banners, high atop the tall  church flag pole.

Upon entering, you were greeted with a guest book, with delicate chiffon and satin decorations throughout the foyer,  altar,  and reception hall.  Bows and accents were in shades of white; light pinks, and spring-greens.  Pianist Juanita Clark accompanied an harp, clarinet, and flute ensemble, filling the air with soft Christian music.   Then, at 1 pm, Dr. Stan Craig emerged from the right side door, and Beverly Freeney from the opposite side.  The immediate family were spaced all accross the front of the church. Down the center aisle trotted their ten darling grandchildren!  Five little flower girls in light pink, and five little ring-bearers in black tuxes! They made everyone smile!  Beverly’s  brother, Dr. Charles Keen, took his place as the officiating minister.  A congregational hymn, “Be Thou Exalted” was led by the bride’s son, Mr. Michael Freeney.  At the exchange of rings and vows, Pastor Craig’s oldest son David sang a prayerful solo, “Forever and Ever I Do.”  Mr. Bob Doolittle sang, “Our Wedding Prayer.”  Rev. Brian Coates did a piano solo,  “The Lord’s Prayer.”  What a beautiful ceremony for two beautiful Christians!

Downstairs, the reception hall was beautifully arrayed with pink chiffon and green satin tables. From the Ceiling hung strings of  large white and pink satin balloons, and big white puffy flowers!  Of course, in keeping with Pastor Craig’s love of healthy foods, there was fresh pineapple punch, and a  table spread with a spectacular display of  fresh strawberries, cantaloupes, veggies, and dips!  The main vanilla wedding cake was beautifully hand-decorated, and Pastor Craig’s  “groom’s  cake” was made with organic ingredients and nut-butters!

After a two-week honeymoon, the couple will reside in Greenville, South Carolina.


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