DALLAS -- Rep Emanuel Cleaver closed his opening prayer at the 117th Congress with a controversial expression that included the words "monotheistic God," the Hindu creator deity "Brahma," and the "God known by many different names and many different faiths. Amen and A-Women." Rep. Cleavers prayer did more than cause a stir; it affirmed what black conservative pastors have been saying for years, principles in scriptures no longer govern the black church, but rather Cultural Marxism, better known as Political Correctness. 

Although controversial, Cleaver's prayer reveals a spiritual disconnect evident in far too many leaders both in the church and especially among black politicians. Rep. Cleaver is a Methodist minister and, like Pastor Warnock of Atlanta, represents a growing number of black preachers who are redefining Christianity through a Marxist philosophy that is the antithesis of divine revelation. These spiritual charlatans are fomenting confusion and misleading many. Their message is nothing more than demonic deception. 

In particular, the church has lost its moral compass. It is led by preachers teaching doctrines framed in political correctness, a Marxist ideology that seeks to undermine traditional values and Christian influence in Western civilization. 

Pastor Stephen Broden, Senior Pastor of Fair Park Bible Fellowship and Founder of Gone 2 Far, said, "We are witnessing a not so subtle attack on God's word. What we see is a manipulation of language design to blur religious distinctions consistent with a plan to undermine the Holy Bible and traditions that hold our culture and families together." 

"Cleaver's blasphemous prayer speaks volumes of his and the CBC's moral bankruptcy as an effete cabal of apostate, neo-pagan, reprobates who delight in trashing Jesus Christ. Cleaver and ministers like him are destroying biblical Christian values and promoting their Luciferian Boule perversion inspired by Anton LeVay, Jim Jones, and Margaret Sanger." Said Dr. Randy Lancaster Short, Pastor, SALT Ministries.

Pastor Don Reid of Macon GA Atlethia Baptist Church Added, "Cleaver is trying to be politically correct at the expense of Scripture." He further said, "The word 'amen' in the Bible has nothing to do with gender. It is no wonder that the country is heading fast towards the sewer with people like him implementing progressive and evil policies.

"Perhaps the best explanation as to what Cleaver and ministers like him are doing is summarized in Roger Scruton's observation 'As Orwell perceived, the first target of every revolution is language. The need is to create a newspeak that puts the power in the place previously occupied by the truth.'" 

The use of language by Cleaver in this public forum is deceiving the church and our culture. No doubt, last day conflicts are intensifying all around us. 


SOURCE Fair Park Bible Fellowship

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