Event at Hyatt “One of Best”

Southern Gospel Music Corner author Keith Crowe, above center, joined members of his favorite quartet following their performance Saturday night at the Hyatt. Keith features The Trav’lers and an important announcement in this week’s column.Charlie Waller brought the Grand Ole Gospel Reunion back to Greenville this past week after moving to Knoxville for a few years following a long stretch of reunions in Greenville held at Memorial Auditorium until it was torn down. The reunion then moved to the Peace Center for a couple of years and finally to Furman’s Auditorium for the last two years before moving out of the state.

The Grand Ole Gospel Reunion brings hundreds of people from all over the nation to Greenville for almost a week. The influx of Southern Gospel Music fans and performers provides a significant boost to the local economy, especially hotels and restaurants.

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Farron Hancox after with wife Lily and son.Farron Hancox: A Living Example of Transformed Lives Through “Wisdom In Living Life”

A few years ago, The Times Examiner published the miraculous story of Winn Freeman, Founder and President of Wisdom in Living Life Ministry. The title of the article was “Man on a Mission.” For almost two decades, Freeman has been showing others the way to real freedom from addiction. Farron Hancox is one of many who sought and found real freedom from addiction with the help of Winn Freeman and Wisdom in Living Life Ministry.

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