The last few months have been trying.  Governors across the nation locked down their states over concerns of the unknown facts about COVID-19.  Now, we have a better understanding of this virus, and cases are declining.  Ask your Governor today to put citizens back to work! 

We take the health of individuals across our nation very seriously, but we are concerned about how the shut-down is also affecting the health of others. Unemployment rates are hitting an all-time high leaving families scrambling to feed their children.  In some states, those who defy stay-at-home orders to earn a paycheck are being jailed. Businesses are struggling to stay afloat, some resulting in permanent closure.  Domestic violence, suicide rates, and negative mental health symptoms have increased because of the absence of community involvement. These methods are only hurting Americans in the long run! 

To make matters worse, churches have been forced to close their doors.  Churches should be a safe haven for those in need, but state governments have deemed them “non-essential”.  Pastors have been arrested for having services even when taking precautions to keep their congregations safe.  In states where religious institutions are able to open, they still have to limit the size of their congregation resulting in turning away people from attending.  This infringement upon our Constitutional right of religious freedom is a complete breakdown of the foundation of our country. 

Governors across the nation are making decisions on when to open their states.  You can make a difference in when and how this happens by contacting your Governor today!  

Check out FreedomWorks’ report card on your Governor’s state-wide actions that have been taken during the pandemic. 

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