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Sunday, July 14, 2024 - 03:53 PM


First Published in 1994


SAN JOSE, Calif. -- USA.Life is the popular Christian Facebook alternative "where Christians and churches are celebrated." There is no censoring Christian families and the Gospel of Jesus Christ on this fast growing community. USA.Life hopes to have more than one million users by the end of the year. Over 100,000 people have already joined. "USA.Life helps Christians and churches share God's love and hope during the coronavirus crisis," said CEO Steven Andrew. Individuals, churches, news media, and businesses are invited to get a free account at USA.Life.

"A blessing of USA.Life is users freely exchange Christian beliefs without the fear of being called 'haters,' shadowbanned, or put in Facebook jail," said Andrew.

"People find God's hope on USA.Life during these difficult times," Andrew said.

"USA.Life is also a powerful ministry platform bringing revival," Andrew said. It is common to hear "born again" and "call on Jesus Christ to save you."

USA.Life is part of the Christian Internet that Andrew is building to give believers protection, a family safe environment, and the tools to "powerfully share the Gospel."

This Christ-centered USA.Life social network is "bringing blessings by following Jesus Christ," Andrew said.

Users give Like's and Love's as reactions on posts and the unique Christian cross reaction for "Amen" is popular too. There is also a Patriotic USA Flag and other reactions for expression.

"While the site is not Christian only and attracts conservatives and others who love America, the site is governed by the Word of God," Andrew said. There are news media, recipes, politics, funny dogs and cats, and more.

People connect with those important to them. Users, churches, and businesses share photos, updates, news, videos, and messages, and join groups. Users from other countries join too.

Comments include:

"I feel the peace here at USA.Life," Linda Eggleston said.

"Invited all my friends to come over," said Ron Schunk.

"Thankfully this site exists and allows us to be us, Christians," George Charles Jr. said.

"Sign up today," said Andrew. "It's important to build your USA.Life friends early, so you benefit the most as this family-safe, Christian Facebook alternative expands to the next level."

"There are powerful auto-like, auto-friend, and auto-join links that churches, businesses, and individuals can share to build followers fast."

To join, go to www.USA.Life


About USA.Life
USA.Life is the Christian alternative to Facebook. To connect with people, churches, and businesses, get a free account at