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Sunday, June 16, 2024 - 12:41 AM


First Published in 1994


ALERT:  Please be sure to read the URGENT-TAKE ACTION information at the end of this article. 

(Note:  I am indebted to one of the foremost constitutional scholars in our nation today, with her vast knowledge and her long struggle against the present dangers of calling for an Article V Constitutional Convention by CONGRESS, and for her determination to never give up—to keep on keeping on—to keep educating and fighting in this mad desire on the part of some of our fellow Americans to risk scrapping or amending out of existence the 1787 Constitution codified by dedicated patriots and sent down the halls of time to the present.  Her name is Joanna Martin, and she writes under the “pen name” of “Publius Huldah”. It is from her constant and patient education of this writer, me, over a long period of time that I draw the information and the inspiration to write about the possible dangers posed by a new CON CON.  Our Founders warned AGAINST ever calling another constitutional convention.  Joanna has long heeded their warnings, and has sent them out near and far—a modern-day ‘Paul Revere’ alerting her countrymen that there are those with “sinister motives” already among us, the COS “redcoats” are threatening, and that they have taken aim at our historic constitution.  Joanna is the MASTER, and I am her follower in this battle. In that, I am not alone.  Thank you, Joanna.  Now let us proceed.)

The Mykonos Vase (c. 750 to 650 B.C.) depicts one of the earliest renditions of the Trojan Horse tale from the Trojan Horse War (c.1260-1180 B.C.). Today, the term
The Mykonos Vase (c. 750 to 650 B.C.) depicts one of the earliest renditions of the Trojan Horse tale from the Trojan War (c.1260-1180 B.C.). Today, the term "Trojan Horse" refers to any trick or strategy that induces an adversary to invite an enemy or opponent into one's securely protected bastion.

We all know the tale—true or legendary—from the thrilling days of ancient Greek history, about a certain large “gift” given by the Greek besieging army to the king and people of Troy, as the Greeks supposedly gave up their siege of Troy and King Priam and left a huge wooden horse, dedicated to their “goddess”, Athena, supposedly given by the “defeated” Greek army to the Trojans, as a tribute to brave adversaries.  According to Wikipedia, “After a fruitless 10-year siege, the Greeks at the behest of Odysseus (Ulysses) constructed a huge wooden horse and hid a select force of men inside, including Odysseus himself.  The Greeks pretended to sail away, and the Trojans pulled the horse into their city as a victory trophy.  That night the Greek force crept out of the horse and opened the gates for the rest of the Greek army, which had sailed back (to Troy) under cover of night.  The Greeks entered and destroyed the city of Troy, ending the war.”


Although one could name other historical “Trojan Horses” that deceived people over the ebb and flow of history, there is one that has taken on a “life of its own” in our nation.  It has various names, but the OFFICIAL name to this scheme, which goes back to the original 1787 Founding Convention in Philadelphia, is Article V Constitutional Convention, or CON CON for short.  Today, in order to “deceive the elect” it is, or has been, referred to by its proponents as the Convention of States (aka Convention of States Project and Convention of States Action.)  It has also been called the Compact For America Initiative as far back as 2013As recently as 2018 it partially masqueraded under the names Citizens for Self-Government, and John Hancock Committee for the States. 

By whatever name this modern “Trojan Horse” may call itself, its supporters (some VERY wealthy and some VERY left-wing) and proponents are deadly serious in their quest to open the FIRST CON CON since 1787 (which was UNAUTHORIZED by the thirteen state legislatures of that time, and which became, essentially, a “RUNAWAY” convention, all delegates having been originally tasked by their legislatures to only “fix” the Articles of Confederation and NOT to replace it), and put amendments for “term limits of Congress” and a “balanced budget” (for starters) before a new convention, assuring those of us with skeptical minds that they have “everything under control”, their COS would be “strictly limited” ONLY to the two amendments aforementioned, and it would be impossible for “big money interests” to take over and control this CON CON.  Excuse me while I find a corner to regurgitate in, because the slick assurances of those who are pushing this EXTREMELY DANGEROUS proposal are making me sick.

Admittedly, one would have to be living on another planet not to conclude that “our” federal government (and I use the word ‘our’ advisedly)—under generations of Republicans, Democrats, liberals, conservatives, socialists, collectivists, traitors, globalists, and sundry moonbats—has expanded like an increasingly bloated tick far beyond any limitations that our Founders prescribed originally.  Only the willfully dumb among us will deny that the federal leviathan has far overreached its constitutional limits, has PURPOSELY swelled the totally frightening national debt far up into the “stratosphere” of around $30+ TRILLION, and has made a habit of trampling on and greatly eroding the original rights of our states and our people, and has been pursuing this goal for well over one hundred fifty years, for there were then, as there are today, those who despised our original 1787 Constitution and the severe limitations it placed on the central, or federal, government. 

As Mitchell Shaw reminded us in the August 29, 2018 issue of The New American: “The insider/internationalist/Big Government/Deep State/Globalist types—having created the problem in the first place—are now busily forming and funding organizations that offer a “solution” in the form of a modern-day constitutional convention that would have the power to rewrite the U.S. Constitution”.  Or even replace it with an entirely new constitution, a possibility that the adherents of this COS deny vehemently!  Uh-huh!  Tell that to George Soros, Michael Bloomberg, Tom Steyer, Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg, or numerous other mega-wealthy internationalists/collectivists who would SURELY leave their webs of power in order to take over and try to direct the affairs of a CON CON/COS.  And we can be assured that, despite denials to the contrary, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Mitch McConnell, Kevin McCarthy, and who knows how many denizens of the District of Criminals and Corruption would love to take control of a CON CON, or do the bidding of mega-wealthy plotters of the World Economic Forum as it actively pursues its “Great Reset” goal of remaking the entire world over into its Marxist/collectivist/end of freedom vision so zealously pursued now by the disgusting fascist, Klaus Schwab, and his fellow verminous globalists.

That is the essence of the fears that many patriots – conservatives/Americanists/ honest liberals, harbor down deep.  Just WHO is calling for a new CON CON, and can they be trusted?  Can you trust a cobra not to strike at you if you get too close to it?  Can you trust a crocodile not to try to have you for dinner if you’re trying to “dialogue” with it?  If your answer was ‘yes’ you have far more trust than I have.

Over the past several years, perhaps the most well-known and somewhat “trusted” organization pushing for a CON CON, or COS, has been known as the Convention of States, although as I mentioned above, it has been known under several names.  Attorneys Michael Farris and Mark Meckler founded itWhen Farris left the COS organization in January 2017, Meckler took over the reins of control as President of COS and has continued in that role to the present.  Meckler is a master salesman for his dream of a new constitutional convention and has recruited many well-known patriots and conservatives AND liberals to his cause, as well as large numbers of ordinary Americans whom he has enchanted with his assurances that a new CON CON/COS will solve our government’s relentless march toward economic destruction—that it will ipso facto convert big-spending collectivists into penny-pinching Ebenezer Scrooges.


Let’s begin with an indisputable truth:  Even the most conservative estimates indicate that about 80% of ALL current expenditures approved by Congress VIOLATE the U.S. Constitution!  That fact would NOT change by adding an amendment to our constitution, whether obtained using the historic method or by a called CON CON/COS.  Advocates of a constitutional convention (CON CON), even though they almost always REFUSE to refer to it as such in order to hide their real intentions, assure us that it is the only assured solution to the problem of abuse of term limits (NOT put in our original 1787 Constitution) or the vast out-of-control spending by the federal leviathan.  Whether or not you subscribe to their assurances is for you to determine, but in my opinion, the ERRONEOUS arguments for a CON CON that come loud and frequently from certain “self-appointed” leaders are not convincing.  Unfortunately, many patriots who mean well and who support Mark Meckler’s unwise panaceas are mostly misinformed, subject to wishful thinking (“we’ve GOT to do something to solve this crisis”), and are being manipulated.  Their argument usually goes like this:  Article V of the U.S. Constitution gives the state legislatures the power to call for a convention to rein in an out-of-control federal government.  The Founders gave us that one tool; therefore it is up to the state legislatures to use it and save the nation.

Those of us with suspicious minds, like me, seek answers from this pro-CON CON gaggle, such as IF our Congressional legislators have almost NEVER restrained their reckless spending and have almost every year vastly exceeded any budgetary restraints, WHY should the American people assume that a “balanced budget” amendment will be heeded any more that any of the other existing amendments or articles/clauses to which they all swear oaths to “support and defend…”, but which the MAJORITY do nothing to uphold?  Are we to trust the very people who have created this major crisis to “do their duty” just because a “balanced budget” amendment is incorporated into our constitution?  Or will those who “thumb their noses” at fiscal restraint do the same when “Amendment #28—The Balanced Budget Amendment”—is passed? 


Article V of the 1787 Constitution reads:  “The Congress, whenever two-thirds of both Houses shall deem it necessary, shall propose Amendments to this Constitution, or, on the Application of the Legislatures of two-thirds of the several States, shall call a Convention for proposing Amendments, which, in either case, shall be valid to all Intents and Purposes, as Part of this Constitution, when ratified by the Legislatures of three-fourths of the several states, or by Conventions in three fourths thereof, as the one or the other Mode of Ratification, may be proposed by the Congress….”

Now I’ve always found it “interesting” that since 1793 our venerable U.S. Constitution has been amended 27 times WITHOUT the need of Congress or our state legislatures to call for a CON CON.  Why, do you suppose, is there so much pressure in recent years to call for a new convention?  Could it be that there are those among us who have certain “agendas”, and that greatly changing or even trashing our present constitution is one of their agenda items?  Do you think that is possible?  Do you think that there are those among us who detest our 1st Amendment freedoms—freedom of religion, of the press, of protesting peacefully?  What about our 2nd Amendment?  Are there Americans today who detest the fact that our Founders gave their posterity the right to keep (own) and bear arms—not to go hunting or target shooting, but to protect their lives and the lives of their loved ones from criminal marauders, or more to the point—from the violent depravations of our own government?  Are there people like that among us, people such as Marxists/collectivists/extreme leftists of the “World Economic Forum” variety who would love to replace our 1787 Constitution with a new socialist/Marxist/New World Order variety of constitution? Yes, there are!  Are there “globalists” among us who for almost two centuries have worked surreptitiously to undo what our Founders accomplished when they codified our present constitution?  What do you think?  Next time we’ll delve into these concerns more deeply.


I regret to report that the various mental incompetents and constitution-trashing denizens of our State Senate in Columbia, S.C. recently voted 27-13 in FAVOR of asking Congress to call for a “COS”/CON CON bill, H 3205.  This very DANGEROUS bill needs only ONE MORE PROCEDURAL VOTE in the State Senate, along with a FINAL State House of Representatives vote on whether to concur with certain technical amendments, before being sent to our Governor, Henry McMaster. 

It is VITALLY IMPORTANT that constitutional patriots and Americanists here in South Carolina urge Governor McMaster to VETO H 3205!  When asked about this bill, the governor stated, “The best thing for me to do is see these bills, see what’s actually passed, before I comment on it.”  PLEASE—if you live in S.C.—or even if you don’t—contact Governor Henry McMaster IMMEDIATELY and urge him to VETO H3205.  TIME IS SHORT!  Remember:  The constitution you save will be YOURS!



A native of Cleveland, Ohio W. H. (Bill) Lamb was graduated from Cleveland State University (Ohio) in 1960, and relocated to South Carolina in 1964.  For many years he was an Industrial Engineer, Chief Industrial Engineer, and plant manager in the steel, electronics, and apparel industries in Ohio, South Carolina, and Alabama. 

He is a long time student of both American history and ancient Egyptian history, and has long admired the stalwart people who founded the British colonies and pre-dynastic Egypt, two groups that left permanent marks on human civilization.

An avid and long time writer concentrating on political and cultural issues of concern to America’s Christian Patriot community, he was published in the Lancaster, S.C. “News” during the mid-to-late 1960’s and in Greenville’s “The Times Examiner” since 1999.   The late Christian Patriot, Col. Bobby Dill, was his first editor for The Times Examiner, the publication he always refers to as “a great journal of truth”.

Married to Barbara for 65 years, he has two adult kids, five grandkids, and six great grandkids, plus a “feisty and opinionated” 80 lb. Pit Lab named Hayley, who runs the entire house.

A long time member, with Barbara, of the patriotic John Birch Society, he believes that it is the duty of ALL Christians to first, share the love of his Savior, Jesus, with others, and then to be dedicated patriots and do everything possible to both resist the evil of collectivism that is smothering Western Civilization and educate and motivate his fellow Americans in the preservation of our unique Constitutional Republic.