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Friday, June 14, 2024 - 08:46 PM


First Published in 1994


Kids Waving US Flags Lamb Their "Independence Day" celebrations will be gone with the wind if the Fascists who run the World Economic Forum and the Council of Foreign Relations have their way!

“Courage, then, my countrymen, our contest is not only whether we ourselves shall be free, but whether there shall be left to mankind, an asylum on earth for civil and religious liberty.” - Founding Father, Samuel Adams

It’s a truly sad commentary on this present time in our nation’s history that a sizeable portion of Americans are so ignorant of their own past that many of them not only have never heard of Samuel Adams (the patriot not the beer) or other of our Founders and have never read their words, but are totally unaware  of the history of the time wherein the country they inhabit was born, from which country Americans declared their independence, and are uncertain as to the century in which those events occurred.  Next week these same Americans will celebrate “July 4th—Independence Day”—virtually in the dark as to just what “Independence Day” really means to Americans alive today and, in a broader sense, what it meant to those who have gone before us and who sacrificed to bring about or keep that “Independence” of the U.S.—independence that many on this troubled planet aspire to come among us to enjoy—independence that sinister domestic and foreign enemies seek to take from us.

Most “experienced” Americans have heard the immortal words of wisdom that our late President, Ronald Reagan, left to his countrymen:  Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction.  We didn’t pass it to our children in the bloodstream.  It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same.”  True words, indeed—but words that seem to be getting hazy in early 21st century America, as “political cataracts” more and more cloud the once clear vision of the citizens of the no longer “United” States.  I never cease to be amazed as to why the concept of freedom/liberty and its cousin—responsibility-- seems to be of declining importance among Americans of our time, particularly among our younger generations who, if we can believe the polls, admit that close to half of them would prefer to live in a “socialist” economic system, totally oblivious, of course, as to exactly what “socialism” really entails when compared to that concept of American freedom that President Reagan so eloquently described.

Throughout our history (with some exceptions), Americans have lived together mostly peacefully and with mutual respect, being willing to eventually rectify any injustices that needed to be corrected  in order that the promises of liberty would apply to all of us.    The Triune God of Scripture—the God of our Forefathers—gifted (endowed) us all of our liberties (our Constitution merely codifies them), and most (but not all) Americans were blessed by those liberties for much of our history.  Even with the end of WW11, during those halcyon days of the last half of the 1940’s and all of the 1950’s, Americans assumed that their children’s children would continue to enjoy the same free life that our older citizens had enjoyed, despite the economic hardships that some of them lived through during the “Great Depression” (my own parents included).

I believe that most Americans close to my age had the same hopes and dreams for our country’s future that our people always had.  Many of our “Greatest Generation”, and those who came immediately after them (me), assumed that the struggle to retain our freedom was a battle already won, and we truly valued our nation’s perceived political independence and, of course, our own liberties that had been saved from the aggression of outside socialist enemies during WW11.  Unfortunately, it didn’t take Americans long to discover that there were people in other countries, and more than a few in our own country, including many in “our” own federal government, who didn’t share our common vision for the free and open way of life that our ancestors, and even our own parents, struggled so long and so hard, and paid such a high price, to attain and pass down the generations to us.

Except for my maternal grandmother, I was never fortunate to have had real grandparents that I knew for years, but some  of you were so blessed.  Many had grandparents who had accumulated much knowledge  and wisdom over their lives.  Perhaps they taught you some of the responsibilities of becoming an adult, or how to shoot firearms safely, or how to hunt or fish, hike in the mountains, or maintain family relationships and genealogies.  Hopefully, grandparents shared their love of culture with you, perhaps they shared their philosophy of life with you, even when you weren’t old enough to fully comprehend the words of advice or warning that they tried to instill in you, or when they tried to convey our country’s history to you, and you couldn’t understand why tears came to their eyes when they told you about the heroes of our past and of their sacrifices for us, especially when you stood with them in front of a statue of some long-dead patriot at a historic place to which they had brought you.

Americans today badly need the ancient wisdom of our “spiritual grandparents”, those whose willing sacrifices made us who and what we are today—those who assured that the independence bequeathed to us by our Founding Generation would endure far into our future.  Or so they hoped. But we all need to realize that our country has been engaged for several generations in a deadly battle for the survival of its soul as a land where human freedom is valued and protected.  This battle is nothing new.  It is now and always has been a conflict between evil and good—between the forces of Satanic collectivism and God-given freedom (and responsibility).  The country we claim to love, at least as it once was, has been experiencing DELIBERATLY  orchestrated turmoil and economic confusion, and a sizable portion of our people, particularly our younger people, appear to be rudderless, increasingly denying the society-preserving effects that God’s Word brings to any nation, while surging to and fro as the waves of sly progressivism/socialism wash us ever closer to the rocks of perdition and calamity. 

Several years ago that great political philosopher, Thomas Sowell, reminded us that, “Freedom has cost too much in blood and agony to be relinquished at the cheap price of rhetoric.”  He’s right.  The ancient Greek leader and Athenian general, Pericles (495 B.C—429 B.C.) also left us his wisdom, cautioning the future that, Freedom is the sure possession of those who alone have the courage to defend it.”  The prophetic George Orwell also wrote that, Freedom is the right to tell people what they do NOT want to hear.”    If ever a time as Orwell described has existed, that time is now.  Not only do a sizeable number of our countrymen not want to hear the truth about the threats to our freedom, but they disbelieve the warnings of informed citizens that there are sinister forces and entities among us who do not want them to hear the truth, and who are determined that Americans in numbers sufficient to change the course of our “Ship of State” will NEVER hear the truth. The majority of our so-called “main stream media” are willing accomplices to those forces, sad to say, as well as a sizeable portion of the no longer “American” government now inhabiting the District of Criminals and Corruption.

Many of us know the stirring words of the Christian hymn, “Once To Every Man and Nation”.  The words came from a 90 line poem titled, The Present Crisis”, written by James Lowell in 1844 as a protest against the impending war with Mexico (1846-47), and against the evil institution of slavery that existed in the U.S. at the time.  Lowell’s immortal words still ring forth as truth:

       “Once to every man and nation comes the moment to decide,

       In  the strife of Truth with Falsehood, for the good or evil side;

       Some great cause, God’s new ‘Messiah’, offering each the

       Bloom or blight,

       Parts the goats upon the left hand, and the sheep upon the right,

       And the choice goes by forever, ‘twixt that darkness and that

       Light.”  (Lines 21-25).

I’ve said this many times before, but I believe that our forefathers and mothers, as imperfect as they might have been, long ago made their choice for “the good side”.  Those that survived the bloody and protracted turmoil of The War of the Revolution (1775-1783) gave us something that had not been previously attained by any earthly society in an endurable form—a constitutional form of government wherein ordinary people, who were not a part of some aristocracy of wealth or political or military power, could govern themselves and prosperThey gave us a society wherein no one had to bow in fear before any oligarchs—be they kings, or generals, or a herd of corrupt and deceitful and despicable demagogues, like those who are spreading their political poison among us today, such as Comrade Pseudo-President Joe Biden, Comrade Barack Obama, Deep Staters Bill and Hillary Clinton, low lifes Charles Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, “Mad” Maxine Waters, Dianne Feinstein, Jerry Nadler, Adam Schiff, Liz Cheney, the entire Congressional Black Caucus, the ENTIRE Klan of New Bolsheviks (formerly called Democrats), cuckoo young moonbat socialists and deceived Muslims in the Halls of Mendacity in the District of Criminals & Corruption, Michael Bloomberg, George Soros, Tom Steyer, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, and multiple  power-obsessed billionaires like them, all of whom, in their mad desire for vast power and control over the rest of us,  have in their evil and shriveled-up hearts harbored a desire to do away with the historic freedoms of “we, the people” (whose ancestors bled and died to protect those liberties), and particularly to persecute and deny those freedoms to those of us who identify as political conservatives and Americanists  and who support “originalist” jurists who believe in upholding our very unique U.S. Constitution as it was originally given to us by our Founding generation!

Our Forefathers and Mothers, we all must remember, gave us a society wherein all citizens could hold their heads high and look upwards to God, and not down at the boots of an oppressor.  As we celebrate Independence Day this July 4th, let’s all do our best to tell our children, our grandchildren, and those we love about WHY we celebrate July 4th, and WHY our ancestors of our Founding Generation were willing to sacrifice all they were and all they had for the liberty that none of them had completely known in their lives.  Tell them that our fore parents saw beyond the years of their lives, and looked down the generations to those of us alive today, many of them sacrificing their futures for our present!  The government indoctrination centers, loosely called “schools”, that far too many parents still persist in condemning their children’s young and formative years to, will NOT teach them these truths, nor the nobility of their patriot ancestors, but WILL teach them LIES about how “evil” those ancestors were who founded our once proud and noble country. 

Today we face the future with more trepidation than confidence, thanks to the treacherous conniving of Marxist liberals and progressives who despise what our fore parents gave to us.  Those fore parents gave us hope, and freedom, and self-respect!  They sacrificed more than we will ever know to pass the heritage of liberty to us, in their noble dreams of things to come.  Whatever the future holds for us, my countrymen, don’t you EVER forget this.  On this blessed July 4th, fly our noble flag as they did, and don’t you EVER let their sacrifices for us be in vain!  Don’t you EVER let the enemies of heritage and truth and freedom win the battle for our, and our descendants’,  hearts and minds!  And never forget that THESE SO-CALLED “PROGRESSIVES” OF TODAY ARE THE ENEMIES OF OUR LIBERTY—not “fellow Americans” with different visions for the future!   Never forget that these mind-darkened progressives are the ENEMIES of the future—our future, our children’s and grandchildren’s futures, and on and on—forever!  Always recall George Orwell’s terrifying vision of one possible “progressive” future:  A JACKBOOT STOMPING ON A HUMAN FACE—FOREVER!  If THAT is your vision of time to come, then do nothing and Orwell’s prophecy will become a reality.

May we who are alive today do all we can to assure that Orwell’s fearsome future will never come to fruition. Let all American patriots struggle mightily so that  Orwell’s ghastly vision never materializes in the future annals of mankind.  It won’t,  if we of the present do as our ancestors did, pledging “their (our) lives, their (our) fortunes, and their (our) sacred honor” so that WE, their descendants, could (can) live in God’s freedom!  How can we, as their spiritual and patriotic “children”, dare to do less than that?  Why would we want to do less than that? 



A native of Cleveland, Ohio W. H. (Bill) Lamb was graduated from Cleveland State University (Ohio) in 1960, and relocated to South Carolina in 1964.  For many years he was an Industrial Engineer, Chief Industrial Engineer, and plant manager in the steel, electronics, and apparel industries in Ohio, South Carolina, and Alabama. 

He is a long time student of both American history and ancient Egyptian history, and has long admired the stalwart people who founded the British colonies and pre-dynastic Egypt, two groups that left permanent marks on human civilization.

An avid and long time writer concentrating on political and cultural issues of concern to America’s Christian Patriot community, he was published in the Lancaster, S.C. “News” during the mid-to-late 1960’s and in Greenville’s “The Times Examiner” since 1999.   The late Christian Patriot, Col. Bobby Dill, was his first editor for The Times Examiner, the publication he always refers to as “a great journal of truth”.

Married to Barbara for 65 years, he has two adult kids, five grandkids, and six great grandkids, plus a “feisty and opinionated” 80 lb. Pit Lab named Hayley, who runs the entire house.

A long time member, with Barbara, of the patriotic John Birch Society, he believes that it is the duty of ALL Christians to first, share the love of his Savior, Jesus, with others, and then to be dedicated patriots and do everything possible to both resist the evil of collectivism that is smothering Western Civilization and educate and motivate his fellow Americans in the preservation of our unique Constitutional Republic.