GALILEE, Israel -- Cofounder and Chairman of the board of directors of the Aliyah Return Center, Chaim Malespin is on the frontline of helping Jewish immigrants escape the warzone in Ukraine. He is directly involved in providing desperately needed supplies like food, clothing and housing to the refugees arriving in Israel every day.

Chaim is available for interviews and can provide insights on:

How the Aliyah Return Center is helping to rescue and care for Jewish Ukrainian refugees who are running for their lives and escaping to Israel.

The conditions that Ukrainian refugees are facing and great hardships they have experienced.

How the current situation of Jewish immigrants fleeing from the warzone in Ukraine is fulfillment of the prophecies of Jeremiah (Jeremiah 31:8).

The importance of believers standing together in unity right now with the people of Israel.

Chaim has been interviewed by many media outlets. You can view one of the previous interviews here:

Aliyah Return Center (ARC) is a Bible-believing, prophecy-fulfilling, non-proselytizing ministry built on a foundation of love in uncompromising faith. You can learn more about the Aliyah Return Center by visiting their website:

Chaim Malespin press kit:


SOURCE Aliyah Return Center (ARC)

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