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Sunday, June 16, 2024 - 01:16 AM


First Published in 1994


Mankind today is more blessed in Jesus Christ to receive the gift of eternal spiritual life with God than was Adam or Eve because we have an ABSOLUTE, unremovable by us, spiritual sin barrier to eternal spiritual life-yet God has, nonetheless, provided a means for our (believers) forgiveness and life. Adam was not blocked by his personal sin when the Tree of Life was made available to him by the Word of God (the bridge) and he could eat at any time before accountability; but mankind now has a spiritual barrier of sin and cannot on our own, as Adam was initially, able to freely eat. After the fall of Adam God, mercifully and in love until He cleanses us in Jesus, closed the way to the Tree of Life in the Garden and we have no ability because of our sin to pass the guards (Genesis 3, 22-24). Adam only had one problem initially-faith. He was created spiritually dead but eternal spiritual life was freely offered on faith. Mankind now has two (2) separate problems and additional problems: defilement in “sin” and “unbelief” in addition to being born "spiritually dead!

Adam, initially, was created in this world in innocence and guilty of nothing, but we are guilty and guilty of much after accountability. But, after accountability, Adam too was temporarily denied the fruit of the Tree of Life-as we are too! Adam initially, though spiritually dead, nonetheless had a “fellowship” interaction with God due to innocence. Adam, initially, could acquire eternal spiritual life at “any” time! We come into this world (born) spiritually dead too but also, as Adam, spiritually innocent and have fellowship with God until accountability-even though we did not recognize our privileged innocence from accountability and fellowship. Adam did not seem to recognize his either. Adam did not need the blood of the cross of Jesus to cleanse him to initially partake of the Tree of Life. BUT ADAM AND WE DO AFTER ACCOUNTABILITY AND ARE HELPLESS WITHOUT IT BUT GOD, IN PUREST LOVE, FREELY GIVES FORGIVENESS AND HE FREELY GIVES US HIS SPIRIT THAT WE MIGHT OBTAIN AND GROW IN TRUE LIFE! Obtaining knowledge of good and evil without the power and guidance of the Word of God and Spirit of God is a built-in spiritual imprisonment to spiritual death we already exist in! Additionally, that knowledge terminates all innocence and “fellowship” with God and the guidance of His Words; and, leaves us, without hope in ourselves, not only in spiritual death but actually imprisoned with no hope of ever escaping. We desperately need help!

In the continuing revelation of Jesus Christ, The Israel of Moses was a blessing from God as a teacher and instructor about the coming of Jesus Anointed. All the Old Testament is a teacher about the coming Jesus Anointed. None of the Mosaic system could spiritually reconcile a man to God-including the PERFECT 10 Commandments! Many, erroneously, in Israel sought to establish and present their own earned righteousness to God through their perceived obedience to law and ritual.

But there were those of humble heart, however, in Israel that recognized they were sinners and without hope because they knew in their “heart” that they could not perfectly obey that system (ritual, or law, or commandments) but, nonetheless in FAITH, waited in HOPE for the Messiah (Jesus) to appear and set all things straight for them with God. Jesus would do for them what they wished to do but could not.

All the Bible is a revelation of God and His love through the incarnation of His Word in the flesh, Jesus’ sinless life in the flesh and human spirit of love and faith to God, Jesus’ crucifixion and flesh death (not spiritual death) for our sins, His resurrection for our life and our bodily resurrection through Jesus with our rest in eternity with God. Jesus does it all.

From the Garden of Eden (Genesis) until now (Revelations) is the progressive revelation  God’s of “fixed” and “unmovable” intent to give His chosen people who have “faith in His Words”, however given and concerning whatever subject He chooses to reveal, eternal spiritual life in “rest” as prefigured in the Seventh day in the Creation account (Genesis 2, 2-note there is no mention therein of a “beginning or ending” as in other “days” of creation, as it was and is a period of existence not “created” but always is eternal because it exists in eternal God for God’s people; also, Hebrews Chapter 4). God’s Words (truth) can range from the promises of a son to believing Abraham (Genesis 15, 4-6, Galatians 3, 6-7) to the promise of a son in Jesus Christ for “believers” everywhere. It can include believing by Adam and Eve-if they did-that a coming descendant (Genesis 3, 15) of Eve would be a blessing to mankind. All seem to identify “male” sons and blessings associated with them. A “specific” individual descendant of Eve. A “specific” individual descendant from Abraham from among many sons. And a specific chosen son of God-Jesus. (2 Samuel 7, 14 and Matt: 17, 5)

Adam and Eve erred, most of chosen Israel erred, all gentiles and pagans erred but we, today, need not err but come to Jesus in simple but firm and continuing faith! The promise in Jesus is the GREATEST of all God’s promises. Trust no words but the incarnate Word of God! God has patiently in love, reserved final judgment on “sin” and “unbelief”-two separate problems. And God said in the beginning that His Spirit would not always strive with mankind as mankind is but flesh (Genesis 6, 3). Such a statement implies an ending of patience for flesh existence. His patience, unexpectedly and abruptly may soon come to an end and end all things-then final judgment! Are you ready should it come today?

TODAY, NOT TOMORROW, is the day of decision about God’s Word, forgiveness, salvation and about eternal spiritual life! God forgives “sin” through Jesus but there is no forgiveness to remain a prisoner of "spiritual death" through “unbelief” of His revealed Words because they are simple truths and not subject to debate or dispute.


Jim S. Brooks, retired, inactive attorney, Bar #911, 225 Heather Drive, Spartanburg, S.C., 29301, 864-804-8262, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..