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Sunday, May 19, 2024 - 10:10 PM


First Published in 1994


Along with the Northern Press who orchestrated one of the greatest lies in the history of America because of an insane act by a deranged and trouble individual; a foreign Governor( Niki Haley), a scalawag reconstruction minded Senator (Lindsay Graham), several boot blacks with no real knowledge of history, the NAACP whose exempt status( 501C3) should be revoked, several poverty pimps and their organizations, and a mulatto President whose ancestral ties make him a distant cousin to the Honorable General Robert E. Lee; would descend upon the City of Charleston in the great State of South Carolina and declare War upon the Christian Cross of St. Andrew, and the Memorials to the men and arguably women who fought under it with the same tactics and the same modus opirandi as terrorists known as Isis.( Destroying and desecrating )

Sadly this event that took the lives of 9 innocent people would be the catalyst that would spur the people of the South once again to defend our homeland from those who come to divide and separate us with their lies bent on breaking the spirit of our people as they try again to bring us to Southern social and cultural genocide; to include the teachings of Jesus Christ and the Christian Bible with high disregard of the Constitution, Congressional Mandates and Federal Law.

I have attended and spoke at Flag Rallies in York, S.C., Hillsborough, N.C., Radford, Va., Birmingham, Ala. (on the same podium where the Honorable Anthony Hervyey, a  Black man would later in the day have his life snuffed away), on the Battery in Charleston, S.C., Freewill Baptist Church in Myrtle Beach, S.C. (where the Pastor, the Honorable Daniel Squires after 14 years would loose more than half his congregation and be threatened with dismissal for having me speak), Severiville, Tn., Danville, Va. at a farce of a public hearing where more than 90% of the people gathered asked the scalawag Council to not remove the 3rd National Flag from the Confederate soldiers Monument on the grounds of the last White House of the Confederacy." Sutherlin Mansion" that wreaks in disrepair and was offered by the Honorable Tony Lundy to purchase and restore. Only the Honorable Council members Fred Shanks and Buddy Rawley would heed the peoples cry as the Flag was removed before the meeting ended), United Daughters of the Confederacy, Knoxville, Tn., Buckner Institute- Benton, Kentucky, Sons of Confederate Veterans-Dillon, S.C., Republican Party Men's Club- Asheville, N.C., Presidential Debate-BI-LO Center- Greenville, S.C.,( Along with several others we were told to git from the public easement in front of the Commerce Building by a security guard; Ben Carson would find us there when he and his congregation arrived) the Ellenboro Fair- Ellenboro, N.C.( God bless SCV Commander Jim Kennedy who would not succumb to the wishes of the Principal of Ellenboro High School, not to attended because he expected trouble. We attended all 5 nights donned in the uniform of the Southern soldier to the delight of the crowds of people.

And lastly, this past weekend, I would serve as the Grand Parade Marshall in Andersonville, Georgia, at the War Between the States Village and join in with the Confederate Re-enactors at the ensuing battle to the delight of all those wonderful spectators. God bless another of the finest and most gracious SCV Commanders, the Honorable John Carol and Ms. Cynthia Stormwater for their care of me, and I hope that Captain Wirtz looked down from Heaven with a smile.

Ironically this week, 9 more people would loose their lives in Oregon by the acts of a deranged man. However, no lies would be told about a Flag, or a people because the act took place like many others of the same North of the Mason Dixon Line. The POTUS and the press blamed it on gun control.

I strongly encourage my Southern family to fly our Flags, hold Flag Rallies, wear the Southern Cross, hold accountable any and all politicians who go against the Southern Cross, and join me in writing and demanding that the Inspector General, the Attorney General and the Internal Revenue Service enforce the laws that protect the Congressional Mandated Venerated symbol of an American Veteran ; "the Confederate Soldier and his Colors." God bless you!


HK Edgerton is Former President of the Asheville, NC NAACP and is currently President of North Carolina Heritage Preservation.