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Saturday, July 13, 2024 - 08:24 AM


First Published in 1994


Dumbed down by generations of “public schooling,” drugged into mindlessness and mediocre health by the petrochemical pharmaceutical cartel, lured into idolatry and unquestioning obedience by religious institutions, ensnared by contracts masquerading as law by the Big Government private “law” industry, fed a constant stream of lies and fantasies by Hollywood and Big Media, Americans – if not the entire world – have fallen for the greatest con game ever constructed since Satan lured Adam and Eve into giving up God’s best for them and all of their progeny in the Garden of Eden. Although it entails way more than just an alleged virus, it can be encapsulated here in the term “COVID.” 

But it is ALL a lie.

There is no virus. 

Not ONE laboratory of record has come forward to even claim, much less prove in the light for all of the world to see, that they have any such novel virus isolated in captivity. It does not exist. Game over. 

I repeat: 





Yet the circus continues …

The testing is totally fake.  Even proceeding beyond the base fact that no virus exists in a laboratory against which to compare test samples taken from an individual whereby to determine that what is in his body matches the actual virus itself, the test itself is useful ONLY to determine if the tested-for substance is present in ANY trace amount at all. As one writer described it, it’s like looking for evidence of a unicorn in a field of dandelions: if you look hard enough, you can find ANYTHING … even evidence of a unicorn. It would be like scraping a sample from a floor and zooming in, in, in, in, in, looking for a trace presence of blood. If examined closely enough, zooming in and in and in, closer and closer, in Horton-Hears-A-Who fashion, sooner or later, there is an above-average chance that blood in some tiny, tiny, tiny amount will be found, and then – trumpets sound! – the room where it is found will be declared a crime scene. And not just the “crime” of a man cutting himself shaving and missing a tiny droplet that got away from his tissue, but a bloodbath massacre of historical proportions. This is COVID: not a physical, physiological reality, but a total fiction, created out of whole cloth to fit - to bring about - a pre-desired end.

Further, a “case” of COVID does not mean that one is even symptomatically ill of anything. It simply means that a test has said that “COVID,” in some tiny, tiny, tiny amount, is present. See above. Then … so what? So is malaria and influenza and cancer; so is polio and shingles and rickets. So is measles and mumps and rubella. So is every “disease” that mankind has ever deigned to place a name upon. And, interestingly enough, some of those “diseases” have been named and re-named over and over again. Just like “flu” (and upper respiratory infections and pneumonia and heart disease and …) has been named, for the past year and a half, “COVID.” God made our bodies to respond to the toxins in the world around us, to fight off sickness and disease, as we consume the foods that he provided for us, which contain healing qualities that support our various body organs and functions.

But evil, wicked men have devised this scheme to incite fear, to force a change in the way that free Americans vote so as to make our “voting” fantastically easy to manipulate so as to get the result that they want … which 14 months ago was to remove Donald Trump, arguably the most effective, most popular POTUS of all time, from office and to install, in his place, the most inept, immoral, ineffective, totally manipulable figurehead of a president that America has ever seen. They did this by creating shortages and by inducing Americans – and still to this day – to cover up their faces like slaves, like women in Muslim-controlled countries. And all using a technique that has ZERO ability to protect anyone from anything. They instituted “social distancing,” a technique that homeschoolers recognized as necessary for young, impressionable children, but applied in ridiculous settings, like at work, in the marketplace, on public transportation, at political gatherings, or going to church. And most Americans just went along for the ride, totally oblivious to what is real sickness and what is real medicine, captivated as most are to allure of celebrity “experts.”

Now the battle rages in the arena of “vaccines” that are not in any way vaccines, forcing the feckless (and many more who just go along like lemmings) to allow "medical professionals” to inject them with what many true scientists are warning us will prove to be a lethal concoction that, if it does not kill them outright within a few days (as has happened many, many times, including to many well-known figures), will over a period of a few months completely destroy the injectee’s natural immune system, causing him to die of what will appear to be other “natural causes.” And for the scientific evidence of that, one has only to open any newspaper, listen to any radio or television station, or click on any “news” site on the web on any given day. The death statistics on reactions to the various and sundry “COVID vaccines” and booster jabs represent the highest reaction to any “medical” procedure in the history of allopathic medicine, with more fatal reactions to this collection of “vaccines” and “boosters” than to all previous vaccines combined. It is, at best, playing Russian Roulette with deadly chemical and biological substances, only with the added dimension of time: unlike pulling a trigger and knowing immediately whether or not there was a live round in the chamber, these results may not appear until months or a few years down the road and, by then, may be made to appear to be another cause of death. THESE are the true COVID deaths – those brought about totally by that which has been forced upon us in the name of combatting that which does not exist.

Who benefits from the die-off of a large plurality, if not the majority, of Earth’s population? The same beneficiaries as have benefited from every war, every “financial crisis,” over the past (at least) 250 years: international bankers, Big Pharma, the “elites.”

This is nothing new. It will continue. Unless, collectively, we stand up and refuse. 

We can stop much of it now if we will think and allow ourselves to see the truth and speak it out loud. But, either way, He that sitteth in the heavens shall laugh. 

I’m with Him.