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Friday, June 14, 2024 - 07:30 PM


First Published in 1994


Don’t get me wrong: COVID is very real. It’s just not to be found in a laboratory … nor to be discovered in a person’s body by testing … nor to be prevented by any so-called vaccine … nor to be slowed by cloth masks or social distancing. In THAT sense – the sense alleged when alluded to by those who use the term “the science” or “I follow the science” – COVID is not real. Not at all. But it IS very real … in another way. As a psy-op. As psychological warfare. As theater. As an object of fear. As fearmongering. As spin. As manipulation. As a political tool to steal elections, to drug the masses, to effect change internationally, and, yes, to kill.

So where do we find the reality that is COVID? If you’re wearing a mask, look in the mirror. If you’re social distancing, pushing or following vaccine mandates, getting the poison dart yourself or telling others that they should, YOU are COVID. It doesn’t NEED to exist in a laboratory, see? It doesn’t NEED to be discovered by a test. It can’t be cured by a “vaccine,” but the vaccines, and the mandates pushing them, keep alive keep alive the IDEA of a pandemic, and that IDEA is, itself, THE pandemic.

Whether it was FDR or Eleanor, his wife, who said it, “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” It was a pretty political throw-away line, but it is still true in actuality. We who know and respect the Bible understand that God has not given us this spirit – this SPIRIT of fear (it is a SPIRIT; it is not reality) - but that it comes from the evil one himself. We know that fear is aptly described as False Evidence Appearing Real. Out of fear, how many things do we do that we probably wouldn’t otherwise? But shame on the one who foments fear falsely in order to force others to do his bidding!

Now, if you’re wearing a mask because you don’t really know but have some level of respect for those in “positions of authority” who tell you that you should or must, you can’t be held to the same level of blame as those who really KNOW the truth, yet proceed to manipulate others with falsehoods. Still, in the presence of the overwhelming factual evidence that none of this is what it has been made to appear, a wise person will dig deep into that evidence and at least ask questions, requiring those making demands to put all of their scientific support on the table for public examination, and then decide for themselves. And that’s not happening. So, the masses go around in meek acquiescence, building the appearance of credibility and reality by default, thus adding to the credibility of that which is only false fear. And a few of us out here are still pointing out the blatant nudity of the epidemic emperor.

Bottom line: masks prevent no sickness but CAUSE sickness. The “tests” do nothing but create a false sense of a “pandemic.” There is no pandemic, but of fear: the tests are, INTENTIONALLY, false. The “vaccines” do not prevent anyone from getting sick; they MAKE people sick. They are KILLING people by the millions. And, good science is warning, these “vaccines” will quite likely bring about the greatest induced die-off in human history.

This is a WAR, people! Why would you carry water for the enemy? Why would you send your tithe to Hitler or Stalin? Why would you turn in and then shoot your neighbor for not following the lemmings over the cliff? Why would you even be the lemming that calls him to join your death train? For if you are, YOU are COVID. YOU are the disease. Your fear is the reality, and your denial of God in heaven is your truth.