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Sunday, July 14, 2024 - 02:32 AM


First Published in 1994


Don't insult me with your mask.

It's on your face. You didn't ask.

You just blindly strapped it there,

Then leered at me like I “don't care.”

You act like you're afraid of me,

But a mask on you is meant to be

A barrier to protect me from you.

So are you sick? I'm asking you.

You drive around within your car

And whether going near or far

With passenger or all alone -

Yeah, that’s right, when you’re ALONE -

It's on your face, below your eyes

Which leads me only to surmise

That you have bought the narrative,

That all will die and none will live

Save those who follow CDC,

Tony F and NBC.

If truth be told, there is no germ,

There is no threat to make us squirm.

There's no pandemic, except of fear -

The lies they told to bring us here.

The shots they mandate as a cure

Are full of nothing that is pure.

They're killing millions with this dope,

All in the name of bringing hope.

Enriching pharmaceutical companies,

With "tests" on humans, not chimpanzees.

And all at first but for to dump

Their nemesis, one Donald Trump.

But now …

A thinking man will stop and ask:

Where went the hype about the mask?

All that fear went down the drain;

Today we focus on Ukraine.

But who will push the narrative

We must pursue if we would live -

Not of pandemics far and wide

Nor Russian bears from which to hide,

But of truth in health and politics

And other problems we must fix -

Like parents teaching kids at home

Who learn from life, not just a tome;

Like learning finances from ants

More than from Harvard smarty-pants;

Like knowing God, real, face to face

Without concern for day or place.

Take off the mask. Put it away.

If you’re afraid, just learn and pray.

Learn how God made us to be well

From what we eat, not jabs from hell.