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Sunday, May 19, 2024 - 09:47 PM


First Published in 1994


The Republican National Committee (RNC) arranged with liberal leftist Cable News Network (CNN) to host an event for all Republican presidential candidates at the Reagan Library in California last week. The poorly veiled goal of the “forum” was clearly understood to be to knock Donald Trump out of first place in the polls. The format was petty, spiteful and childish. The moderator tried hard to create feuds between Trump and the other candidates. Ted Cruz, Ben Carson and even Mike Huckabee resisted the encouragement to attack the front runner.

“Mr. Trump, you have been critical of Mrs. Fiorina’s appearance, tell her what you think of her appearance.” was the tone of the typical question. Trump overcompensated with something like: “She is a beautiful woman with a beautiful face.” Then Rand Paul, who apparently thought he was being overlooked and shortchanged on television time, chimed in. He opined that it was inappropriate for Trump to criticize the personal appearance of ugly, fat and otherwise unattractive people. That was an opening that the witty Trump could not allow to go unnoticed.

“I have never criticized his appearance,” Trump said, adding: “although there is plenty there to work with.”

After a couple of hours, the petty moronic dialogue became boring to the audience. Sensing this, Chris Christie lashed out at the moderator and his fellow candidates for engaging in a child-like “food fight.”

Fiorina, who stood in high heels and never smiled once for almost three hours, was the predetermined “winner of the debate.” After showing a surge in the polls, the only woman in the Republican field stepped into a political minefield where no conservative or moderate Republican is allowed to go without condemnation.

Mrs. Fiorina dared support withholding half a billion dollars of taxpayers dollars from Planned Parenthood, the organization that operates the largest abortion mill chain in the world and is now on video discussing their careful harvesting of brains and other organs from live aborted babies for sale.

Conservatives in the Congress are proposing to withhold the $500,000,000 from the appropriations bill. President Obama is threatening to veto the bill if it does not contain funds for Planned Parenthood. Republican leadership in the Congress is opposed to cutting the funds, saying Obama will veto the bill, shut down the government and blame it on the Republicans.

Carly Fiorina has dug in her high heels and declared that the harvest and sale of body parts from living aborted babies is not only illegal, it must not be tolerated in a civilized society.

Her position is not politically correct and is being condemned by the pro-abortion lobby, Democrats and establishment Republicans. One national pro-life group is opposed to cutting off funds in the face of a threatened veto. Critics are wondering if they have become like Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and some “civil rights” groups that would be out of a lucrative job if there were no civil rights controversy.

Donald Trump has avoided the brunt of the Planned Parenthood issue by stubbornly taking the position that harvesting and selling body parts funded by taxpayers must stop, however in his view, Planned Parenthood does a great job for women’s health. Trump has even criticized Jeb Bush for “opposing women’s health” because of his opposition to the federal funding of Planned Parenthood.

Unable to discredit Trump for something he said, his critics turned to something he did not say. He did not defend Obama when a man in a New Hampshire audience asked about Muslim training camps in the USA and said Obama is a Muslim and not a Christian.

Soft-spoken Dr. Ben Carson was the next victim of politically incorrect speech. NBC Face the Nation asked Carson if a Muslim should become President of the United States. His “no” answer set off a stampede of attacks.