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Sunday, May 19, 2024 - 09:09 PM


First Published in 1994


The Republican members of the United States Senate face a test of their backbone soon when they vote on the confirmation of President Obama’s nominee for Secretary of the Army. The proposed Secretary of the Army is Eric Fanning, a well-known openly gay activist.

Fanning previously worked for the Air Force and failed to do anything to curb faith based persecution of servicemen like Master Sergeant Phillip Monk.

Fanning has spent the last several years lobbying for open transgenderism in the ranks of the United States Air Force, as Undersecretary and later as Defense Secretary Chief of Staff. His pro-gay efforts paid off when both of his bosses, Deborah Lee James and Ash Carter publicly supported his proposals, alleging that the “times have changed.”

A spokesperson for the LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, bisexual and transgender) organization bragged about the nomination of Eric Fanning Secretary of the Army.

“Having an openly gay individual in high-level positions within the Department of Defense helps to set the tone at the top and provides an opportunity to bring better understanding about both the shared and the unique needs of (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender individuals) in the military and their families.”

Tony Perkins and the Family Research Council reported that, “Fortunately, the Senate will have an opportunity to weigh in on the president’s pick. You can help by encouraging your leaders to get honest answers about what Fanning plans to do to protect the rights of United States service members around the world.

“What kind of policy guidance would he give so that commanders don’t discriminate against men and women of faith? For now, the nomination of an activist like Fanning is just another indication that the administration is too consumed with sexualizing the troops to bother with military readiness. Under this commander-in-chief, serving your country may be important – but not as important as serving his extreme agenda,” the FRC concluded in a recent dispatch.

The Obama Administration has effectively purged the competent general officers from the ranks of the services. The top generals and admirals currently are those who place the Obama social agenda of women in combat and preference to homosexuals ahead of combat readiness.

The Marine Corps has been slow to conform to the policy of favoring women and homosexuals, however, a Marine Corps General has been appointed chairman of the Joint Chiefs. The price of his appointment is no doubt to change the attitude of the corps.

The make-up of enlisted ranks is being changed rapidly in both regular and reserve units as well as the National Guard. Women and homosexuals are given preferential treatment in promotions. Non-commissioned officers leaving the service report that new enlistees coming into the services are predominantly women, homosexuals and foreigners. The ranks are becoming a hostile environment for Caucasians and Christians.

Special operation units have been able to retain their unit readiness and other standards; however, there is a major effort to force them to lower their standards. It has begun with the Army Rangers, where standards were allegedly lowered in order to qualify two women. The military and Administration are denying the allegations coming from competing troops.

The Republican Congress must take a stand against the degrading of the military now. If the current trend continues until January of 2017 when Obama leaves office, it will take at least a decade to rebuild an effective fighting force. For the security of the American people and the lives of those in uniform, that must not be allowed to happen.