Both friend and foe are attacking President Trump regarding his meeting with Russian leader Putin today. They fail to realize that he is a gentleman in public and makes threats in private. Based on his past performance, I would speculate that the President publicly was nice to Putin. It was not productive to insult him in public and create an enemy that would find it necessary to retaliate in kind. We do not know what was said in private and do not need to know. My belief is that President Trump told Putin in private that he had proof of what his people and the Democrats did during the past election and probably showed him the proof.

Then he would say that he was not responsible for the lack of action taken by the Obama administration, however he should be warned that should they meddle in the next election, there would be no further discussion and there would be a severe price to pay for their indiscretions.

The president learned who his friends are and who was looking for an excuse to stab him in the back. Senator Graham has been supportive of the President lately, but as quick to break from him when he was thought to be on the defensive. Give the President a break. He knows what he is doing, and the critics aren’t that smart.

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