If you have done any online discussion about universal common descent evolution, you will notice that the proponents of evolution tend to denounce the term evolutionist. They will often claim that it does not exist despite the fact that a simple Google search shows that it is accepted as a word by multiple dictionaries. They usually go on to claim that it is only used by creationists as a derogatory term to make evolution sound like it is just a belief system.

First of all, this claim is not true. Not only is the word “evolutionist” found in dictionaries as referring to “a person who believes in the theory of evolution” but it is used simply as a general term for those that accept the theory of universal common descent evolution, and often the entire Big Bang to man story. This is because while not identical they are part of the same overall view of history. So, it is not intended to be derogatory nor imply anything about the theory itself, it is simply a general descriptive term for those that accept that particular theory.

Furthermore, evolutionists reject this label while also refusing to supply an objective alternative term that they will accept. This is mainly because they want to equate their view of history to science, consequently, many of them reject any term other than scientists. This Is it inherently biased notion.

As a result, we have a situation, where we have a word that is well recognized as referring to the adherences to and promoters of universal common descent evolution, but they reject it at the same time refusing to supply an objective alternative. This allows them to complain every time they are called evolutionists making conversation difficult at even this basic level. Unfortunately, this is just the beginning of evolutionary wordplay.

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