Atheists will regularly claim today that atheism has known mythology, but when you really think about it The Big Bang to man evolutionary story is just that. It is atheistic mythology. They try to claim that it is scientific, and not atheistic. However, despite all their claims the Big Bang to man evolutionary story is inherently atheistic.

it is inherently atheistic because it leaves God out of the picture. Unlike sciences such as physics chemistry and most of biology, this line of thinking is not trying to understand how things work, but rather how they originated. There is a big difference between the two and the effect it has on conclusions on whether or not you include God. Much of this story has its origins among atheists. For example, universal common descent evolution was being talked about by atheists before Charles Darwin was even born. In fact, he got the idea by reading the works of his atheistic grandfather Erasmus Darwin.

Marquis De Laplace, an atheist himself, made it clear to Napoleon that his theory of the origin of the solar system had no need for God. What about the Big Bang itself do you ask, that was developed by a Catholic priest. True, but he had already abandoned what the Bible says about creation and accepted atheistic assumptions and conclusions.  Consequently, the entire Big Bang to man story, was either developed by atheists themselves or people who were influenced by their thinking.

But you don't have to be an atheist to accept Big Bang to Man Evolution. That is true but people are not always logically consistent. Someone who believes in God and this story is simply being inconsistent while blindly accepting what they were taught in school. Humans have the unique ability to believe mutually contradictory things at the same time.

The connection between the Big Bang to man evolution story and atheism goes beyond the origin of the concepts involved, the key point is that this model of history presupposes absolute naturalism with God excluded from consideration as an explanation before the data is ever looked at. This means that it is a view of history that is philosophically atheistic. Furthermore, it is the only model of the history of Earth and the universe that is consistent with an atheistic worldview.

This view of history seeks to explain our existence apart from God. The fact that this is the case is clearly demonstrated by the reaction to both creation science and intelligent design. In both cases, they are dead on arrival with institutionalized science and those that unquestionably bow the intellectual knee to this naturalistic view of history.  It does not take a lot of discussions online on this subject to learn very quickly that any notion of intelligent involvement in our origins is dead-on arrival but treated like believing the earth is flat. This is not just figurative but often quite literal.

Yes, you can artificially insert God into this model, but it is just an artificial insertion. This entire model of history is completely naturalistic, there is no place in it for God. Trying to believe both, is literally trying to believe two things there are logically exclusive. While it is possible to imagine God using this theoretical process to create everything, It is not logically consistent to do so. This model of history was designed from its inception for the most part to explain our existence apart from God. To insert him you have to relegate God to an agency that leaves no detectable traces and is nothing but a God of the gaps. This is not the God of the Bible, but one made-up so that people can have it both ways.

Ultimately the only way of describing the Big Bang to man evolutionary story is atheistic mythology. It is simply the most honest way of looking at it. An honest look at the history and the philosophy behind this view of origins and history makes it clear that this concept is inherently atheistic. It is in fact the only way that atheists have of making sense of the universe. As a result, you cannot be an intellectually consistent atheist without this view of our origin and history. The Big Bang to man evolutionary story is truly nothing but atheistic mythology.

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