TUSCALOOSA, Ala. -- Life Legal and a coalition of national pro-life organizations including CEC for Life and Operation Rescue received evidence that West Alabama Women's Center (WAWC) in Tuscaloosa, Alabama illegally disposed of medical waste and patient records. We have informed state officials and demand that they conduct a thorough investigation.

Fr. Terry Gensemer found several large trash bags left anonymously on his driveway at his home in Birmingham. The black trash bags were full of bloody surgical pads, tubes of fluids, and a tube containing a small piece of human tissue. The bags also contained sheets of paper with the header "West Alabama Women's Center" with patient names and private medical information, including ultrasound photos.

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National Marriage Week returns to encourage marriage, reduce divorce rates, curtail poverty, and benefit children

NEW YORK -- National Marriage Week USA, a national movement to boost marriage rates and invest in marriages, today announced the launch of their 2022 campaign, which will run February 7-14th. Confronting the continued pressure placed on relationships by the pandemic, National Marriage Week is calling upon organizations and individuals around the country to strengthen local marriages through grassroots efforts.

Led by National Marriage Week's new executive director, Erin Stevens, this year's campaign combines a public education component, which promotes the beneficial impact of marriage in reducing poverty and improving outcomes for children, with grassroots marriage-strengthening events in local communities across the United States. Serving as a national clearinghouse for marriage events, National Marriage Week will direct couples to resources and opportunities to invest in and nourish their relationships.

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Where Is The Missing Puzzle Piece

PENSACOLA, Fla. -- Author, Liz A. Pitman, releases her new children's book with Messenger Books Publishing: "Where Is the Missing Puzzle Piece?"

"If you are looking for a book that will ignite hope in the heart of your child that their life has tremendous value and worth, then look no further than my friend's new book, 'Where Is the Missing Puzzle Piece?' You won't be able to put it down!" - Krissy Nelson, TV Host, Author, Speaker, Krissy Nelson Ministries

As an author and a teacher of ten years, Liz has a heart for all of the "puzzle pieces" in this world to realize their special giftings. Through the message of this book, she encourages all readers to step into their vital, God-given destinies. "Where Is the Missing Puzzle Piece?" speaks to all ages about the crucial message of identity, worth, and purpose.

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America’s foster care system is experiencing an ‘epidemic within the pandemic.’ Christians can help turn the tide.

Last August, a staff member sent a message asking me to pray for a seven-year-old child in foster care. The child, named Anna, had just been admitted to a mental health hospital for trying to harm herself.

Anna lived in a housing project in South Chicago. She was recently removed from her biological mother due to neglect and placed with a foster mother. With school closings and an overburdened family court system, the young girl now lived with her new foster family seven-days-a-week, 24-hours-a-day. Her school, which had been a refuge for Anna (and hundreds of thousands of other kids in foster care like her), had been closed for months. 

~ to read further go HERE

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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Her Song, a ministry of the Tim Tebow Foundation interrupting the cycle of human trafficking in the United States, announced the expansion of its survivor care model into two new regions based in Chattanooga, Tennessee, and Columbus, Ohio. The successful Her Song program started in Jacksonville, Florida, in 2013 and has served more than 2,000 survivors through victim outreach and survivor care. This program will be replicated in these new cities to be able to impact more women who have been trafficked.

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TREMPEALEAU, Wis. -- A new prolife organization is stepping forward to combat the ever-growing use of aborted fetal material in research, development, testing and production of vaccines, medicines and other consumer products.

The organization, appropriately named "Taking Recourse," was founded by long-time prolife leader Yvonne Bontkowski in faithful response to the 2005 Pontifical Academy for Life document which stated:

"Therefore, doctors and fathers of families have a duty to take recourse to alternative vaccines (if they exist), putting pressure on the political authorities and health systems so that other vaccines without moral problems become available. They should take recourse, if necessary, to the use of conscientious objection with regard to the use of vaccines produced by means of cell lines of aborted human fetal origin.

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Sheriff Lewis Speaks to Veterans 7836

Greenville County Sheriff Hobart Lewis is guest speaker at American Legion Rudolf Anderson, Jr. Post 214.  3110 Wade Hampton Blvd. Taylors, S.C.Photo by Tony A. Dunn

Sheriff Lewis Speaks to Veterans 7833

Sheriff Hobart Lewis spoke of his career and the Greenville Sheriff's Department.Photo by Tony A. Dunn

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