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Sunday, May 19, 2024 - 04:05 PM


First Published in 1994


Biden’s Disdain for the Working-Class

Approved Student Loan Forgiveness

Democrats can’t help but punish working Americans! Massive federal spending has contributed nearly $31 trillion to the national debt leaving taxpayers with the bill. Rising inflation costs and high gas prices have hurt low-income earners the most by causing them to pay an average of $635 more per month for basic necessities. Now, the Biden administration has issued another blow. Those who chose not to go to college will have to pay off the debt of college graduates who voluntarily borrowed federal student loans. 

With just a stroke of the pen, President Joe Biden plans to erase up to $10,000 for “low to middle-income earners” and up to $20,000 for Pell Grant recipients. However, the Biden Administration has a jaded definition of “low income.” Individual earners who make up to $125,000 and couples filing jointly who make up to $250,000 per year are eligible. Experts predict that the President’s unconstitutional action could exceed $1 trillion.

Biden’s executive action is a huge slap in the face to Americans who chose a different career path or who already paid off their student loans. In fact, 87% of Americans do not have student loan debt.  National Review’s Michael Brendan Doherty is right to call the act “a brazen act of class warfare by the affluent against everyone else.” He points out that less than 10% of student loan debt holders are in the bottom third of earners. This inconvenient truth completely squashes the White House’s claim that this will help the poor the most.

“Dirty Jobs” host and advocate for the working-class Mike Rowe weighed in on the issue with his disgust of the Biden Administration’s announcement. After reposting an old Babylon Bee satirical headline reading “Hard-Working Plumber Looking Forward to Paying for His Neighbor’s Gender Studies Degree,” he wrote:

Today, I’m not laughing. Because today, a satirical headline is now the sad truth. Sad for the plumber, and sad for the country. But sad too, for the plumber’s neighbor, a woman with a gender studies degree she couldn’t afford.

The biggest victims of this debacle are the millions of hardworking people who paid their bills and lived within their means.

…I understand that being in debt doesn’t mean you’re lazy, or stupid, or undeserving of sympathy. But how is any of this the taxpayer’s responsibility?

 [Seth Dillon of the Babylon Bee will speak at Eagle Council 50 in St. Louis in September – join us by registering here]

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis shared the same sentiments. He condemned the colleges that price gouge students by offering useless degrees. He said

The people that should pay for it (are) not the American taxpayers, it should be the universities (that) should be responsible for that. If they’re producing people that go deep into debt and their degree is not worth anything, and they’re not able to make enough money to pay it back, then that’s on them. They’ve had an incentive to get more and more loans taken out and then put it in their pocket.

Yet, colleges and universities that receive federal dollars are not held accountable in Biden’s plan. In addition, history informs us that every time the borrowing limit on student loans is increased, college becomes more expensive because universities know that students can borrow more. They will continue to charge as much as possible to federal borrowers while too often providing subpar education that leaves graduates ill-prepared for decent-paying jobs.

We should also be concerned by the President’s unchecked powers. The Constitution gives Congress the power of the purse, yet Biden erased the debts of millions of Americans with just the “flick of his pen” as Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer bragged. This kind of disdain for our Constitution is extremely dangerous and shows just how little esteem those in power have for the American system of government.

Eagle Forum opposes the President’s student loan forgiveness and calls on Congress to challenge this action. Not only does the executive branch need to be reined in, but it is immoral to force American taxpayers to pay debts they did not incur!