The BJU Seminary is holding a “wall-breaking” ceremony to commemorate the start of a $400,000 renovation of the BJU Seminary Rotunda and classrooms located in the Bob Jones Jr. Memorial Seminary and Evangelism Center on the Bob Jones University campus.

BJU Seminary is pursuing a 500 x 5 x 5 Strategic Vision to put 500 pastors on the path to the pulpit in the next five years, and every five years after that, and address a nationwide pastor shortage. The goal of the rotunda renovation is to improve the student experience and increase the Seminary’s attractiveness as a destination for potential enrollees.

The renovation will create additional “living and learning” spaces where faculty and seminarians can interact and collaborate.

Speakers include:   

  • Dr. Steve Pettit, President, Bob Jones University
  • Dr. Alan Benson, Executive Vice President for Student Development and Ministry Advancement, who oversees the Seminary
  • Dr. Bob Jones III, Chancellor
  • Participant: Dr. Earl Nutz, Former Professor, BJU Seminary

A key organizer of the Strategic Vision and renovation efforts, Dr. Earl Nutz will “swing the first sledgehammer” in the demolition portion of the renovations followed by other members of the leadership team.

More information on the renovation (including architect renderings) and 500 x 5 x 5 vision is available here.

Members of the media are invited to attend. Please contact Courtney Montgomery, public relations assistant, at (864) 241-1634, with questions or to schedule interviews.

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