Renew Before February 1and Avoid Rate Increase

Dear Subscriber,

New postal and procedural changes effective January 26, have made it necessary to increase The Times Examiner subscription rates effective February 1, 2014.

We have absorbed previous postal rate increases, however, the new postal rates will equal or exceed the current price of subscriptions. In order to be as helpful as we can to our loyal subscribers, we make the following announcement:

We are providing a 4-week notice of this pending price change in order for our current subscribers to renew their subscriptions early for one or two years at the current rate providing a substantial savings by avoiding the price increase.

The newsstand price will remain unchanged for the time being. Readers from South Carolina to California will continue to receive a quality newspaper delivered to their home or office for less than 50 cents per issue even with the rate increase. This is an unprecedented value in the current economy.

The next year or so with congressional elections will be critical for the American People. Misinformation and outright lies from government officials have become a routine practice. More than ever, it is necessary to have a reliable source of information on important issues. The Times Examiner strives to meet that need. We value your support.

New Subscription Rates Effective February 1, 2014

South Carolina residents:
1 year - $40
2 years - $75

Out of State addresses:
1 year - $45
2 years - $85

Web Subscriptions:
Print Subscribers - $5/year
Web only - $20/year


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