Tracy Abrams's recent rant that abortion is biblical is another example of how willing black leaders are to throw the community under the bus to achieve their selfish ambitions.

Nothing in the pages of the Holy Scriptures justifies the murder of innocent life. To abort a baby is the murder of innocent life by any definition. A baby is a person distinct from the mother who carries it in her womb. Often pro-abortionist scream, "my body my choice" however, the baby is not the mother's body. The gender of the baby may be different from the mother's, hair, eyes, and body type may be different from the mother. Indeed, the baby's fingerprints are different. Science indicates that the baby and the mother are distinct persons. So, why is Abrams lying to the community about abortion and conflating healthcare with the murder of babies?

Shockingly, Abrams was permitted to make these blasphemous statements in a church. Allowing an anti-God candidate access to the body of Christ is unthinkable! For Abrams to address a church congregation suggesting abortion is biblical reveals the spiritual ineptitude of its leaders and the breadth of biblical ignorance in the black community. Corrupt black leaders take advantage of biblically illiterate Christians to maneuver them into actions against the bible and biblical principles.

Abrams's actions are consistent with the majority of black political leaders demonstrating to their political mentors their willingness to submit to the ideas and agenda of the party over the community's needs. For black leaders to get money, power, and position in the Democratic Party, they must be willing to abandon the community for their agenda. Unfortunately, this willingness to sell out to the Democrats is more profoundly evident in the black liberal church. Black Pastors are willing to embrace doctrines of demons for 30 pieces of silver. They have opened the door to a deceiving spirit that blinds and manipulates nominal Christians into supporting an anti-Christian agenda.

Tracy Abrams is an obvious representation of a selfish, lying, demonic influence in the black community. Unfortunately, she is not alone; Al Sharpton, Jamal Bryant, Joyce Beatty, Maxine Waters, Jim Clyburn, and Barbra Lee are enemies of Christianity and our families. What we are witnessing is nothing more than blatant black betrayal. Leaders who pursue favor from a historically hostile party to the black community!

Closely examining what these so-called leaders have accomplished for the black community will find a record of nothingness! They have done more for the LBGT plus community, radical feminism, the dream act, and advancing an anti-American agenda than anything that benefits our children, families, and community.

A blatant black betrayal is deceiving the black community! Our leaders, like pied pipers, are seducing and leading our communities into self-destruction, motivated by their selfish ambitions for position and power.

It is time for the black people to wake up and recognize these leaders are doing nothing. They are unaccountable for their misdeeds and gross failure to advance our interest as a community, as Americans.

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