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Monday, May 20, 2024 - 07:55 AM


First Published in 1994


Democrats insisted on changing the law in Massachusetts to require an election to fill the office of Sen. John Kerry, should he be elected president in 2004. They argued that the people, not the governor, should choose the senator's replacement. Of course, the governor at the time was a Republican, Mitt Romney. Now that the governor is a Democrat, the people should not choose Ted Kennedy's successor; the governor should make the appointment. The duplicity here is despicable.

Democrats went berserk over what they called President Bush's "power grab," but are silent in the face of President Obama's massive consolidation of power. The duplicity here is despicable.

No president has ever abused the power of the presidency as has Barack Obama. In view of the many abuses in which several presidents of both parties have engaged, this is a damning indictment. While Obama claims to be a teacher of the Constitution, he obviously does not believe the powers of the federal government are limited to those enumerated in Article 1, Section 8 of the Constitution. Obama, the Democratic Party and far too many Republicans completely ignore these limitations.

Let the world know your solution to tyranny and socialism in America with the magnetic bumper sticker: "IMPEACH OBAMA!"

What Obama has done to the American system of government in the few months he's been in office is absolutely staggering. He has done it with the blessings of a Congress controlled by Democrats, and a largely adoring media. Among his power-grabbing initiatives, Obama's government has:

• taken control over private industries without constitutional authority to do so;

• created a network of at least 32 czars, or "special advisers," whose powers and responsibilities are known only to the president, and who are accountable to no one but the president;

• allowed special interest groups such as the Apollo Alliance, which includes radical left-wing groups, to draft stimulus legislation, from which these same groups benefit directly;

• pushed through the House of Representatives a massive "cap and tax" bill with little debate and no Republican input, which, if enacted, will give government virtual control over energy use;

• tried to push through Congress a complete government takeover of health care;

• stripped the CIA of its powers and shifted the power to interrogate detainees to a group appointed by the president, which is accountable only to the president;

• supports pending legislation that would give the president power to take control of the Internet;

• launched a major expansion of AmeriCorps to create what he calls a new Civilian Security Force for purposes known only to Obama and his close advisers;

• tried to put the Census under the control of the White House and use ACORN members to assist in taking the Census.

These are only a few of the more blatant steps to consolidate Obama's power. There is much more going on that is not readily known.

It is significant to know the people that Obama has chosen to administer his growing powers. Fox's Glenn Beck has done a masterful job exposing many of the so-called czars to be either self-proclaimed communists, or black liberation extremists, or radical left-wingers with a history of promoting a Marxist agenda. These are the people Obama has chosen to help him fulfill his promise to transform America.

To get a glimpse of the America Obama is creating, consider his selection of Mark Lloyd to be the chief diversity officer at the Federal Communications Commission. This man believes that government should control the media and regulate content. He publicly admires the "incredible revolution" launched by Hugo Chavez, and says that Chavez's takeover of the media is largely responsible for the success of the revolution.

Obama and the Democratic Party he leads claim to love America, but are hell-bent on transforming America from the land of the free to the home of government-controlled slaves.

Obama and the people he has chosen to be around him appear to hate capitalism and to embrace complete government control of society. They appear to despise individual freedom and worship government-forced egalitarianism – euphemistically called "social justice."

Obama and the Democratic Party he leads are transforming America's government into a series of administrative units that get their marching orders and resources from an all-powerful national administrator, rather than from the consent of the governed.

Across the nation, ordinary Americans are resisting this transformation. At tea parties and town hall meetings across the country, ordinary Americans are standing up and demanding that their elected officials reject the Obama agenda. Democrat demagogue Nancy Pelosi says it is "un-American" for ordinary Americans to speak out against the Obama agenda. But in 2006, when organized Astroturf, rent-a-riot protesters ranted about the war in Iraq, Pelosi says their shouting was very American.

This Democrat duplicity is despicable.


Henry Lamb is the executive vice president of the Environmental Conservation Organization and chairman of  Sovereignty International.