The explicit language of the Ad Hoc Committee Recommended language for H5399 allows for (medically unnecessary - see"permitted abortion" in the circumstance described in Section 44-41-830. when the life/serious health of the mother is at risk.  Even though priority is given to delivering and saving the life of the unborn child in the context of the life/serious health of the mother; nevertheless, the AD HOC COMMITTEE RECOMMENDED LANGUAGE still also allows for "permitted abortion."

"Abortion" is murder. There is no such thing under God as "permitted murder."  Exodus 20:13; Matthew 19:18, KJV

At the end of the day, it is clear "Personhood" [sic] SC has abandoned a Biblical position. At the very least, "Personhood" [sic] SC is demonstrating it is NOT a PERSONHOOD first and only organization.

There are currently FOUR Personhood Bills in the SC Legislature (H3568, S381; and H5401, S1335), and fake "Personhood" [sic] SC is not publicly supporting any of those four Bills, but is instead supporting, and advocating that others likewise support, a bill patterned after the National Right to Life post-Roe model "pro-life" [sic] bill, WITH A SO-CALLED LIFE OF THE MOTHER EXCEPTION WHICH ALLOWS THE INTENTIONAL KILLING OF THE UNBORN CHILD IN THE CIRCUMSTANCE DESCRIBED IN THE AD HOC COMMITTEE RECOMMENDED LANGUAGE, IN SECTION 44-41-830.

Such a piece of unjust legislation is an unrighteous, iniquitous decree. Woe unto those who decree such. Isaiah 10:1, KJV.

This is unacceptable under the Law and Word of God, and as the Dublin Declaration states, "NOT MEDICALLY NECESSARY. The Dublin Declaration on Maternal Healthcare has over 1,000 medical field signatories (DublinDeclaration .com).

It is not medically necessary to intentionally kill the baby to save the mother's life. If necessary, premature delivery of the unborn child is not an "abortion". The AD HOC COMMITTEE RECOMMENDED LANGUAGE does affirm the priority of delivering and saving the life of the unborn child in the context of the life/serious health of the mother, but the AD HOC COMMITTEE RECOMMENDED LANGUAGE still also allows for "permitted abortion".

That is unacceptable. No Murder is acceptable. How many people must a murderer murder to be a murderer?

Answer: ONE  (e.g., Genesis 4:10,11, KJV)

Are the Unborn people?  Are the Unborn "persons"?  ALL of them?  Then codifying in State Law the allowance of murdering even one is unacceptable.

"Personhood" [sic] SC is a misnomer. "Personhood" [sic] SC is seemingly acting like a feigned "christian" de facto auxiliary to National Right to Life's South Carolina chapter, SC Citizens for Life. National Right to Life, initially founded under the auspices of the then-National Conference of [ Roman ] Catholic Bishops in 1968 (and supposedly becoming "autonomous" in 1973), is not now and never has been rooted and grounded in the Word of God.

That is the unbiblical company which "Personhood" [sic] SC now keeps in the position which it is now publicly advocating, and Biblically faithful Christians should be warned not to be deceived into following such false leadership, which leads to destruction (Isaiah 3:12; 9:16, KJV).

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