Today, the Senate plans to vote on the radical anti-life bill, The Women’s Health Protection Act.

If passed, this legislation will codify the Supreme Court’s overreaching holding in Roe v. Wade and other abortion-related cases into law. According to Congresswoman Judy Chu (D-CA), the lead sponsor of the bill in the House, the Women’s Health Protection Act will create:

“…federal protections against state laws that fail to protect women’s health and that intrude upon personal decision-making. It prohibits medically unwarranted restrictions that single out abortion services or the facilities that provide them. We have seen an unprecedented number of state-based attacks on a woman’s right to choose, and the Women’s Health Protection Act is our way to fight back.”

If enacted, the Women’s Health Protection Act would undo all existing state limits on abortion and prevent any future limits from Federal and local elected leaders. In addition, the legislation refuses to allow for exceptions under the Religious Freedom Restoration Act. This would be a huge blow to religious liberty!

​​Make no mistake, this legislation is a response to the very high possibility of a pro-life decision in the SCOTUS case Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, which is to be decided this term. In a recent article appearing in Vox, “Roe v. Wade is on life support, and the Supreme Court is likely to pull the plug very soon.” With a new conservative majority on the bench, thanks to President Trump, Democrats, and abortion advocates are terrified the abortion machine will be taken down.

While we know that abortion hurts women, and her child, Washington’s elites, the mainstream media, and big tech all want us to believe it’s a public good. Back in September, Google banned all of Live Action’s google ads on abortion reversal. Abortion reversal is not a political issue. All these ads did was empower a woman to know the full scope of her rights after an abortion, namely that she can reverse her chemical abortion if she so desires. Banning these ads is further evidence that abortion is not about women’s “rights,” but about promulgating an industry.

Please join Eagle Forum in asking your Senators to vote NO on the Women’s Health Protection Act. It is of upmost importance that you do so. The House of Representatives passed the legislation by a vote of 218-211 in September of 2021.

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