Dem policies are destroying our economy, society, and government.  Financial hardship is awakening more voters every day.   Trump-endorsed candidates are winning primaries handily.  Opinion polls signal a massive red wave.  To win in November, the Dems will need another big steal.

Party warfare in America – fueled by sinful lust for power, wealth, and dominion -- has grown to such proportions that all other values – including law, constitution, and justice – have been subverted.  Established as a federal democratic republic, the U.S., in 233 years, has devolved into a centralized imperial despotism; and our government is now constitutional and republican in name only.

Gaining, keeping, and wielding power – without moral, legal, or constitutional restraint -- is now the SOLE concern of the Democrat Party.  Still smarting from Trump and his populist uprising, the Dem deep-state establishment will NEVER AGAIN risk their fortunes in an open and fair election.   No.  The citizenry must be disarmed, the Constitution torn asunder, and deplorable dissidents jailed.  The plan is to enslave ordinary tax-paying Americans and ride them full-spurred until they drop.  And this Dem-communist nightmare will play very soon unless true Americans wake up.

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