This letter is in response to your article about our Greenville County Republican Party monthly meeting on Monday, April 4th.

I felt your letter accurately documented the events of our meeting. However, should you want to give your readers a more comprehensive picture of what is going on with the new Greenville County Republican Party, I would like to share more about our philosophy and what we do in addition to meeting monthly.

We strongly emphasize certain elements of the Republican platform.

We believe that non-discrimination applies not only with regard to race and religion, but also allowing citizens who are not professional politicians, their surrogates, or members of traditional ruling groups to be part of the process and have their opinions heard-that is, listening to the voice of We The People.

We believe that the allocation of power is unquestionably seen as derived from the people only when the people are seen as part of the power structure. Thus, we encourage members to seek elected office and provide training to help them do so.

We believe in using the voice of the people to help conservative legislators with government reform. Our Mama Bears are well known for their appearances at Greenville County School Board meetings to fight the masking of children, the lurid sexually-oriented reading material the left wants to be marketed to young people, and Marxist rooted Critical Race Theory which I as an American black find particularly insulting.

We believe that promoting the Republican creed and creating new voters, not just turning out existing ones, is the key to our long-term future. This is especially critical given South Carolina’s lacking party registration and closed primaries. Our standard joke is that Hillary Clinton could move to South Carolina and run for office as a Republican. Our promotion efforts include Action Hour at our monthly meetings, the very popular “Coffee and Politics” every Friday from 11-1 pm at our office on Wade Hampton, and a collaboration with a political education organization that holds ongoing classes on Civic Engagement and Precinct Re-org at our office. We invite you to attend one of these sessions to get information that will again allow you to give your readers a broader perspective and to extend our invitation to other interested parties.


Yvonne Julian

1st Vice-Chair Greenville County Republican Party

Candidate for SC House District 25

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