Our "progressives" are now deeply distressed — and with reason. State choice on the abortion issue is about to replace the imperial court edict that imposed abortion on all fifty states in 1973. Nearly 50 years of Roe has allowed American liberals to far out-murder the Nazis; butchering over 64 million babies compared to the 6 million long-alleged. But the overthrow of Roe would deny liberals far more than the convenience of murderous birth control in all 50 states. When Roe is overturned, the entire edifice of liberal social engineering that is modern America's massive welfare-warfare state will teeter and fall. Why? Because state choice on abortion will fuel state choice on other issues.

If states can choose against abortion, per the Ninth and Tenth Amendments, they could also choose against same-sex marriage, "protections" for LGBTQ folk, interracial marriage, affirmative action, CRT, reparations, welfare handouts, forced racial integration and so on. By choice, states could reform or abolish failed public schools, universities that tenure Marxists, and woke capital and big tech. By choice, once-again sovereign states could secede from an unelected president, America-hating Marxists, enviro-communism, deadly vaccines, hyper-inflation, a dying economy, an open border, racial replacement and a deranged globalist neocon trans-queer foreign policy.

The dark "progressive" age of the tyrant Lincoln is ending; and a freer, decentralist age of the statesman Calhoun -- America's greatest champion of true liberty and states' rights -- is dawning. When John C. Calhoun died in 1850, Thomas Hart Benton, a fellow senator, presciently said of Calhoun: "He is not dead, sir — he is not dead. There may be no vitality in his body, but there is in his doctrines."

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