The Giant Collision Hypothesis of the origin of the Moon proposes that the Moon formed as a result of a collision between the Earth and a Mars-size body referred to as Theia. This is the latest in a long line of theories and it will probably be taught in schools as fact only to be replaced in a few decades by a new theory that will be taught as fact. One evolutionist illustrated the difficulty they have in explaining the Moon by purely natural means by jokingly saying that the best explanation for the Moon is “observational error.”

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Samuel Huntington got Ukraine wrong.

That's what a casual reader of "The Clash of Civilizations?" -- published in Foreign Affairs 30 years ago this summer -- might think.

Huntington was at the peak of his career as a political science professor and director of the John M. Olin Institute for Strategic Studies at Harvard University when he wrote "the fault lines between civilizations will be the battle lines of the future."

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Media reactions to the recent "Wagner coup" highlights how all of us tend to believe what we want to believe, regardless of objective reality and actual conditions. Fallen humanity tends, in its thinking, toward the emotive fallacy, which says: "I want X to be true, therefore X is true."

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Finland, Greece, Germany, Spain

Petteri Orpo Prime Minister of Finland
Petteri Orpo Prime Minister of Finland.

At least four recent elections in Europe evidence a strong trend to the conservative right.  

The first big shift came on April 2 and got little public attention in the leftist media that dominates the US, the UK, and most of Western Europe. Finland elected its most conservative government in its history. Nine Finnish political parties qualified for the final parliamentary election. A majority coalition of 101 of 200 seats is necessary to govern the nation. Finnish leader of the conservative National Coalition Party, Petteri Orpo, became Prime Minister with 21 percent, winning 48 seats and gaining the alliance of  three coalition partners totaling 60 seats for a 108 seat majority.  Second place in the parliamentary elections, finishing close behind with 20 percent was the Finns Party (formerly the True Finns Party), winning 46 seats. The Finns Party, led by Rikka Purra, is even more conservative than the National Coalition Party, especially on immigration and national sovereignty issues. The Swedish People’s Party of Finland, an ethnic minority party with 9 seats, and the Christian Democrats with 5 seats made up the balance. I find it somewhat of a reversal of rampant Scandinavian feminism that Orpo was one of only two men of the nine party leaders vying for the office of prime minister.

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In today's America, it sure is nice to be a Biden.

Presidential prodigal son Hunter Biden's transparently sweetheart plea deal consummated this week with his daddy's Justice Department encapsulates, in many ways, the two-tiered system of justice that conservatives have been decrying at least since then-FBI Director James Comey let then-presidential candidate Hillary Clinton off scot-free for her infamous email server because, in his words, "no reasonable prosecutor" would have brought the case. After a five-year Department of Justice criminal probe, which was rocked in recent months by an IRS whistleblower coming forward to sound the alarm on the feds' all-too-predictable kid-gloves treatment of Hunter, the ex-crack addict and foreign influence-peddler will escape jail time and avoid any punishment at all (other than a two-year probation period) for having brazenly lied on a federal firearms background check form.

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One reason Marxist Democrats could eventually take over the United States of America (and they are on their way with centralized state voting) is because many conservative and Republican Patriots won’t make long-term small “sacrifices.”

Yes, Patriots attend protest rallies, sign petitions, applaud speakers at meetings, and write checks, but will we continue avoiding companies that promote woke?

In February, Major League Baseball Commissioner Rob Manfred told teams that players should NOT wear pride rainbow-themed caps or uniform patches. Even with suggested restrictions, 29 of 30 Major League Baseball clubs held pride-related events in 2023.

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Observations by Hayley Lamb

(Translated From “Dog” by W. H. Lamb)

The Dog 6599
Hayley Lamb - Boss of the "Pack"

Hello again to everyone.  My name is Hayley Lamb, and you can see my picture at the top of this article, where I’m sitting in front of MY house.   This is my second article for this newspaper that I’ve written.  My Uncle Boomer used to write a lot for The Times Examiner before he decided to cross over the “Rainbow Bridge” back in 2015.  He was into unimportant stuff like politics, but he also wrote about really relevant and important things like chasing cats and squirrels, riding in his Grampa’s car, keeping big birds out of our yard, and making sure that the mailman didn’t come onto our property.  He even ran for the office of “Dog-In-Chief” way back in the dark time of 2012, before I was born (but he lost).  He did belong to The National Anti-Cat Society, just like I do.  He was a real cat hater/cat chaser, so I know from whom I got my “anti-cat” propensities. 

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