When a person makes threats about killing others, the only constitutionally acceptable course of action is to treat that particular person in accordance with the existing criminal laws of the State.  To instead subject everyone to red flag confiscations shows that the real agenda is to disarm “The People”.  But the US Constitution doesn’t permit that.

State Legislatures have no constitutional authority to enact into Law whatever a majority of them may happen to believe is a good idea.  To the contrary, State Legislatures are mere “creatures” of the State Constitution which created them – and it is that Document, together with various provisions of the US Constitution, which define and limit their authority to make laws. State Legislatures have only limited constitutional authority to make laws restricting arms.[1]

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New CNN Poll Shows Dramatic Drop in Support for War

Your Stupid Ideas Do Not Work

Four Stupid Ideas that Didn’t Work

The U.S. Congress has since February 2022 authorized at least $115 billion for military and other government aid to Ukraine. In fact, there seem to be no precise statistics and little accountability. Moreover, the narrative on the purpose of the war is counterfactual to its well-documented historical background and critical events over more than 30 years and especially those associated with the revolutionary coup of 2014 that started a conflict killing over 14,000 people before February 2022.

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Original Stories by W.H. Lamb

Abraham Lincoln Quote on losing our freedoms
Was President Lincoln correct in his prediction? What do you think?


It’s been several years since I attempted to portray via articles the lives of people who won’t be born for another 400 or so years. A much shorter version of this series appeared in the old newsprint version of The Times Examiner four or five years ago.  It consists of 21 parts, including this first part, all of which I’ll insert from time to time within the context of my usual Times Examiner articles, but frequently enough for  you to remember the gist of the story. To tell the truth, I’m bothered by the impulses I’ve entertained for several years to tell this story again, because it concerns me that many readers will conclude that I’m  resigned to the inevitability of the future I’m going to unveil to you, having spent much of my adult life, and many of my friends and fellow conservatives/Americanists I’ve had the privilege of knowing over all that time have done likewise, battling the forces of Marxism/collectivism/progressivism/socialism, all systems of repressive government that are inimical to our American concepts of freedom under law and are corrosive to the spirit of human liberty.

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It's common knowledge among budget experts that the budget process is "broken." Anyone who regularly reads this column knows about debt limits, government shutdowns, out-of-control spending and borrowing ... the list goes on. Well, part of the problem is that almost 50 years since the last budget process reform, it needs a serious update. However, when we do that, let's not miss the elephant in the room: Things would work much better if Congress agreed to follow its own rules.

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Naturalism is the philosophical concept that only natural processes are real. At its core it represents a complete philosophical denial of anything supernatural. This by its very nature excludes God from the picture, at best relegating Him to working behind the scenes. It fundamentally excludes anything that would not have happened from an atheistic perspective. It really leaves no place for God, and it turns out that that is the whole purpose behind it.

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Victoria Nuland and the Ukraine War Project

The Guns of August 2023 Victoria Nuland and the Ukraine Project

Acting Deputy Secretary of State Victoria Nuland.

On July 28, President Joe Biden nominated U.S. Under Secretary of State Victoria Nuland for Deputy Secretary of State. She replaces Wendy Sherman, who retired the same day and had served the Biden Administration in that position since April 2021. This would make Nuland the second highest ranking power in the State Department, next only to  Secretary of State Anthony Blinken.

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Another Look At The Curse Of Abandonment Theology
If those who preach and practice "Abandonment Theology" are correct, then "resistance to tyranny" is not "obedience to God!" What do you think?

In a previous article, we discussed some of the obvious reasons why our beloved America is slowly disintegrating into purposely induced chaos and tribalism, and I placed the blame for this descent into possible national oblivion squarely on the heads of the leaders of “people of faith”—i.e. Christian pastors/priests/ministers, and Jewish rabbis, and the congregations they claim to lead (including Christians who are part of the “home church” movement).  I’ve never suggested, nor will I, that people of faith are retreating from the battle against evil and tyranny because they don’t love America, despite all its faults and its sometimes-tarnished heritage of freedom.  Of course they—we all—say we do. But “talk is cheap”, we all know.  Unless Christian Patriots and patriots in general study  God’s Word, and read and study publications like The Times Examiner, The New American, WorldNetDaily, Breitbart News, Epoch Times News & TV, and many other pro-American and pro-Christian journals, blogs, web sites and podcasts of truth and abandonthe devious and lying “main stream media”--including ALL of the “alphabet” TV channels, most cable news channels, virtually all print newspapers and well-known “popular” magazines, and especially the anti-American, anti-free speech, culture destroying “socialmedia” like Facebook (Meta), UTube, WhatsApp, Instagram, SnapChat, Twitter (now called “X”), Thread, TikTok, etc.

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