Politics is sometimes little more than marketing. As evidence, behold the sudden use of the term "Bidenomics" by Democrats to describe administration policies of the past few years. Indeed, what's being branded as "new" is nothing but the same old program of big spending, big regulations and big cronyism. The only difference is that it's on a much bigger scale.

The administration will need all the marketing it can get to sell these ideas, especially to a public that's been giving it approval ratings in the thirties. But no marketing effort should distract us from the economic realities of the past two years.

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There have been several efforts by Old Earth proponents to try to defend a 4.5-billion-year-old earth from laws of physics. Most responses to the lunar recession issue found on anti-creationist websites are little more than copy and paste jobs from other anti-creationist web sites. There is a common argument based on a paper written by Kirk S Hansen in 1982.

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A Review of Ukraine’ s Recent Counteroffensive 

Moscow street sandbags and weapons.

Prigozhin’s Strange and Alarming Rebellion

On Thursday, June 22, Russian Federation President Vladimir Putin held a videoconference with the permanent members of the Russian Federation Security Council. This first part of this videoconference was available to the public and reviewed Ukrainian losses of equipment and manpower and other factors since the June 4 beginning of Ukrainian counteroffensive  operations. 

The following list of members attending should give readers a view of many of the most powerful national security leaders in the Russian Federation: 

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IMG 2231
The time is now upon Americans to decide whether we will live as free people in a constitutional republic, or endure as slaves and serve to a Marxist, collectivist tryanny! May you choose wisely!

Note:  A version of this article, under a different title, was published in The Times Examiner on April 13, 2020.  Our “national situation” is even more precarious now than it was then.  Those who deny that are either grossly uninformed, deliberately blind, or are in the camp of the collectivists. 

I’d venture a guess that most readers of this beacon of truth called The Times Examinerknow at least some of the words to James Lowell’s (1819-1891) great 1844 poem—a 90-line masterpiece titled, The Present Crisis”.  It was first published in 1845 by The Boston Currier, written  as a protest against the impending war with Mexico and as a condemnation of the then existing evil institution of slavery, which had been incorporated into the new Republic of Texas in 1836.  In 1896, Garrett Horder (1841-1922), an English hymn writer, took Lowell’s epic poem and condensed it into the shorter but more familiar hymn—“Once To Every Man and Nation”-- that most Christians have always known.  Both versions contain inspiring, beautiful, yet quite troubling ideas  which have “pin pricked” my thoughts for decades.  To a certain extent, Lowell’s words still stand as a “two edged sword” ready to condemn those of us alive today with their thrust into our complacency, as lines #26 through #30 eloquently proclaim: 

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As a private American citizen, I write on behalf of patriotic Americans who desire - not war and death - but lasting peace and open trade and friendship with the Russian people and their government.

I write to you over the heads of the current American regime, which is unelected and illegitimate and lawless and warmongering and ideologically mad.

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Confederate POWs Marched Out Singing “Dixie”

The Last Days of Camp Douglas 2332

Captain Tom Quirk and nine Morgan scouts.

Official records of POW deaths during the Civil War on both sides indicated that about 49,000 Union and Confederate soldiers died in 150 Prisoner of War camps. The major statistics are broken down in last week’s article, Union and Confederate POW camps in the Civil War.

Author Lonnie R Speer, however, in his 1997 book, Portals to Hell: Military Prisons of the Civil War;  covering statistics from 96 Union and 117 Confederate facilities which housed POWs during the war, found 30,218 Confederate deaths and 25,796 Union deaths, bringing the total to just over 56,000. According to Speer, 15.5 percent of the Confederates prisoners died, a ratio 29 percent higher than the slightly more than 12 percent of Union prisoners that died. Speer’s statistics may even be conservative. Speer has only the 4,454 official deaths for Camp Douglas, but historical on-site estimates from Confederate prisoners in the last days of Camp Douglas and modern counts indicate there are at least 5,600 Confederate graves at or near Camp Douglas. In addition, about 400 bodies of Confederate soldiers were recorded as shipped to their families at home. George Levy in his 1999 book, To Die in Chicago; Confederate Prisoners at Camp Douglas 1862-1865, has a whole chapter, “Lost in Chicago,” on the missing Confederate dead.

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Harlech Castle in Walesjpg
Harlech Castle in Wales. Built by English King Edward 1st during his invasion of Wales, between 1282 and 1289.

Men of Harlech in the hollow, Do ye hear the rushing billow,
Wave on wave that surging follow battle’s distant sound?

‘Tis the tramp of Saxon foemen, Saxon spearmen, Saxon bowmen,
Be they knights or hinds or yeomen, they shall bite the ground!

Loose the folds asunder, flag we conquer under!
The placid sky now bright on high, shall launch its bolts in thunder!

Onward! ‘Tis the country needs us, he is bravest, he who leads us,
Honor’s self now proudly heads us,  freedom, God, and right!” 

(Words by Mark Rutherford, from the film, Devil’s Brigade).

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