Then Why Are Liberal PACs Spending Millions to Elect Him?

I am a North Carolinian, but I live 10 miles as the crow flies from the South Carolina border and 18 miles by road. My great grandfather and his father were born near Fountain Inn, South Carolina. I have family in South Carolina who vote. My wife and I frequently shop in South Carolina, and our favorite vacation spot is Charleston. Hence I have an interest in South Carolina politics.

For many weeks now I have heard radio advertisement after advertisement claiming that Lindsey Graham is a conservative. My brother in Myrtle Beach, who spent most of his working career as a marketing research consultant, counted Graham ads approximately every ten minutes on Fox Cable News and about one every 30 minutes on a radio talk station. Senator Graham’s advertising saturates the airways so thoroughly that it raises an important question: Who is pouring so much money into re-electing Graham to the U.S. Senate and why?

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I don’t want to talk about “Common Core.” Neither did I want to talk about “No Child Left Behind.” It seems to me that we are surrendering a critical part of the entire education debate without a fight if we even discuss a federally mandated program. That is putting the cart before the horse. How about we back up and first discuss whether any program coming from the US Department of Education (DOE) is legal. I am not mincing words here; it is my firm belief that there is no constitutional basis for the existence of the entire federal DOE. Therefore, anything they do is illegal…and we should ignore it.

At a minimum we certainly have a basis for asking the question: what article of the constitution establishes the legal foundation for the federal government to be involved in education? My reading of the document is that it says clearly the only power given to the federal government is enumerated, spelled out, and what is not is “left to the states and to the people.” Show me where it says education is a prerogative of the federal government? Simply put, you can’t. Anyone would be hard pressed to make a legal argument justifying the federal DOE by connecting dots back to the Constitution.

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A Forbidden Look at Unmentionable Causes

April 14 will mark the 102nd anniversary of the sinking of the RMS Titanic, the newest and grandest of the British White Star Line of passenger ships at the time.  Nearly 883-feet long, the Titanic was the largest ship afloat and so formidably designed that many said that she was unsinkable. Proudly cutting through the waves of the North Atlantic on her maiden voyage, steaming for New York at near top speed, she must have been an awesome sight as her passengers and crew enjoyed an evening of carefree celebration. The crew of the Titanic received eight iceberg warnings from six different ships in the area, but they were dismissed as inconsequential. Near midnight, the top lookout, Frederick Fleet, recognized the terrifying image of a huge iceberg looming straight ahead. He immediately rang First Officer William Murdoch on the bridge, but the giant ship could not be turned or slowed enough in time to avoid the iceberg. The starboard (right) side of the Titanic scraped, and bumped along the iceberg, gashing and puncturing 300 feet of the ship’s side below water level, flooding five of the ship’s sixteen water-tight compartments.  In two hours and forty minutes, the great “unsinkable” ship plunged into the icy waves and into the depths. Over 1,500 of the 2, 225 aboard perished.

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$2.0 Billion Annual Fiscal Costs

The Federation of Americans for Immigration Reform (FAIR) has just released a multi-resourced report entitled, The Fiscal Burden of Illegal Immigration on North Carolinians.  (See With 410,000 illegal immigrants, 4.3 percent of the population, North Carolina ranks 11th among the states impacted. At the end of 2013, the state had 323,000 or 6.9 percent unemployed, ranking 17 out of 50 states in percentage unemployed.

The fiscal costs of illegal immigration in North Carolina are estimated at $2.0 billion per year or 9.7 percent of the state’s $20.7 billion annual budget. This is $578 annually for each North Carolina native or naturalized citizen household.

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Measuring True Greatness

January 19 marked the 207th birthday of one of the most revered military leaders in American history.  In fact, Robert E. Lee remains one of the most studied and respected military commanders in world history, although he was ultimately on the losing side.

The enormous importance that the mainstream media and political leaders today give to the Martin Luther King Holiday has worked to obscure the memory of Lee. Although there are many states that celebrate holidays for both King and Lee, most Southern politicians, following the politically correct fashion of the times, have shied away from honoring Lee. That is a great tragedy, for few men in American history have left such an exemplary record of Christian faith, noble character, and devotion to cause and duty. 

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An American-Iranian Christian pastor, Saeed Abedini, 33 years old, is now in an Iranian dungeon prison. Born to a devout Moslem family in Iran, he was recruited to become a suicide bomber at age 20.

As he witnessed the hatred and brutality of his Moslem trainers, he decided that Islam was not for him. He trusted Jesus Christ as his Savior and converted to Christianity. Soon he began to openly proclaim his faith in Christ.

In the early 2000's, Abedini headed up 100 house churches in 30 cities, reaching about 2,000 members when the movement was tolerated by the Iranian government. But with the election of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in 2005, the house church movement was subjected to a crackdown by Iranian authorities, and the Abedini family moved to the United States.

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Our U.S. President Obama is now planning to add to the widespread Middle East combustion by bombing Syria, because they have allegedly used chemical weapons on their own civilian people. Meanwhile Israel is still standing by, holding its breath, and watching with keen special interest. In fact, as Isreal looks to the north, south, east and west, they see nothing but trouble and turmoil among all their neighbor Arab and Moslem nations.

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