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Sunday, May 19, 2024 - 10:30 PM


First Published in 1994


The Ugly Side of the Obama Military

A two time Bronze Star winning Army Special Forces Sergeant First Class is being booted out of the Army, November 1, 2015.

Sergeant Charles Martland is charged with interfering in the rape of a young Afghan boy by a member of the Afghan police on a United States Military Base.

A 12 year-old Afghan boy’s mother told Sgt. Martland that an Afghan police leader had chained her son to his bed in order to repeatedly rape him.

The Sgt. and a fellow soldier confronted the Afghan adult involved who laughed at their complaint and said, “it was just a boy.”

“Shocked and outraged, the Sergeant said they felt that they had a moral obligation to act. With a few shoves and kicks, they made it clear that tying up little children to posts and raping them for up to two weeks at a time would no longer be tolerated by American forces,” Family Research Council reported.

The soldiers had become sick and tired of standing by while Afghans tortured local children and undermined everything the U. S. was trying to accomplish.

“But, in the Obama military where everything is upside down, no good deed goes unpunished” Martland is being kicked out of the Army.

Having no success appealing his case through the chain of command, Martland has turned to Representative Duncan Hunter, (R-Cal.), a Marine Corps veteran of the Mideast wars who has publicized the case and enlisted the support of the House Armed Services Committee Chairman and veteran groups.

Chairman of the House Armed Services Committee, Rep. Mac Thornberry, (R-Texas) has sent a letter to the Secretary of the Army asking him to reconsider Martland’s case.

Lt. Gen. (USA Ret) William “Jerry” Boykin, Executive Vice President of the Family Research Council is collecting a petition to be sent to the House Armed Services Committee.

The FRC concludes: “Lately you can’t blame soldiers for questioning what” being an American soldier means.

“They serve a commander-in-chief whose military tolerates rapists but not prayer. Whose administration protects defectors like Bowe Bergdahl and punishes heroes like Charles Martland. Unfortunately, what the Army stands for and what the president does are two radically different things. That’s why reinstating Sergeant Martland is so important. It shows that some American values – like honor, integrity, and sacrifice – are not up for debate.”