Members of the Greenville Chapter, Military Officers Association of America celebrated the 40th Anniversary of the chapter by honoring past presidents of the Chapter during a dinner at the Greenville Hilton. Each past president present for the event was presented with a small gift as a token of appreciation for service to the chapter and the local community.

Discussions during the event centered on potential loss of benefits for active and retired service personnel.

There are always threats of cuts in benefits promised veterans during peacetime, but it is inconceivable that government leaders would be considering cuts in medical care for veterans at a time when the recipients of the medical care being discussed are engaged in two wars, risking their lives and limbs daily.

MOAA---CoupleThousands of American military personnel are serving in Iraq, Afghanistan, and South Korea, where active warfare could break out at any moment. We have the potential need for military forces on our southern border, where drug lords have their own heavily armed forces thrusting into Arizona and other border states.

One of the primary purposes of MOAA is to remind national leaders that we achieve peace through strength and a weakened military force leaves the American people vulnerable to attack. When the nation breaks faith with the people who sacrifice and risk their lives to keep the nation free, we further demoralize and weaken the only people between us and war on our own land.

At this time of thanksgiving, we must be ever mindful of those brave individuals who devote their lives to protecting the freedom we cherish and desire to pass on to our children and their children.

When a father, husband, wife, mother, brother or sister is away performing military duties, the family at home pays a sacrificial price.

Let us never forget our wounded warriors, those still missing in action and the Gold Star Mothers who have sacrificed beyond what many of us can imagine.

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Mike Scruggs