Lt. Gen. McInerney Calls on New Congress to Intervene, Investigate, Hold Hearings

The General Court Martial of Lt. Col. Terrence Lakin was set to begin Tuesday, December 14, 2010. He is charged with disobeying a direct order to report to duty in Afghanistan on March 30, 2010. Lakin refused the orders because he believes the current Commander in Chief has not proven he is eligible to hold office.

“I am today compelled to make the distasteful choice to invite my own court-martial, in pursuit of the truth about the president’s eligibility under the Constitution to hold office,” he said at the time of his decision.

Lakin, a career military officer with a sterling record, eligible for promotion to colonel and a future contender for surgeon general of the army, has 18 years service and is risking everything to uphold the Constitution of the United States regarding presidential eligibility.

According to a report by World Net Daily, Lakin is “board certified in family medicine and occupational and environmental medicine. He has been recognized for his outstanding service as a flight surgeon for year-long tours in Honduras, Bosnia, and Afghanistan. He was also awarded the Bronze Star for his service in Afghanistan and recognized in 2005 as one of the Army Medical Department’s outstanding flight surgeons.”

The president is the only political office required by the Constitution to be born in the United States. Barack Obama is the only president who has failed to provide proof that he was born in the US, and unless proof is presented, he is therefore ineligible to be president and commander in chief of the Armed Forces of the United States.

To date the television and print media have virtually ignored the fact that only about 40 percent of Americans believe Obama meets the constitutional requirements to be eligible for the office of president.

Lieutenant General Thomas McInerney, USAF (Retired) is the most senior officer to speak out on the issue to date. Gen. McInerney has called on the incoming Republican dominated U.S. House of Representatives to investigate and hold public hearings on the court martial of Lt. Col. Lakin and the eligibility of President Obama.

“It looks like he’s not being treated fairly,” said McInerney during a lengthy radio interview in Denver, Friday, that was recorded and is available on the internet at

McInerney believes Lakin will be convicted in the court martial proceedings. “They’re not going to let him really talk about it. They’re avoiding the issue. This is a ‘slam dunk’.

“It’s important that he gets a fair trial, which means discovery. Since the Army will not allow that I believe in the final analysis that this will be overturned, but he may have to go to the slammer in Ft. Leavenworth.”

Colonel Denise Lund, the court martial judge declared the order given Lakin to be “valid” and refused to allow discovery or to discuss the eligibility of the President to be Commander-in-Chief.

Gen. McInerney called on Congress to “do its job” and determine if Obama is constitutionally eligible to serve as president.

McInerney describes Lakin as a “constitutionalist” who has raised a very important point.

“Now it shouldn’t be the job of a lieutenant colonel and flight surgeon in the U. S. Army to be the constitutionalist. It’s the job of the Congress and the executive agency to do that. But we’ve had 44 presidents of the United States and only one, the current president, has not shown a valid birth certificate.

“The smartest thing the Army could do is not to have the trial,” said McInerney. “I don’t think they’re going to do that. They’re going to make the mistake of trying him, and then you’re going to have a court of record that will condemn them for the way they conducted it.”

The defense wanted to call Gen. McInerney as an expert witness to testify that military officers are trained to disobey orders they believe are illegal. The judge refused to allow his testimony.


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