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Saturday, July 13, 2024 - 07:50 AM


First Published in 1994


HOLLYWOOD, Calif. -- "Now, more than ever, the Hollywood industry is in need of uplifting moral content, and a select few producers and decision-makers in the industry recognize this. We are honored to have the relationships required to bridge the gap between faith-filled writers and producers," says Robby Baehr, Chief Executive Officer of Movieguide® & Chairman of the NRB Film Board. "Kairos Prize® gives up-and-coming screenwriters the opportunity to present new, fresh stories to some of the top executives in the entertainment industry, in hopes that their work can touch and uplift them."

"The Kairos Prize® script competition presents Hollywood with a fresh group of screenwriters who create content with strong faith and biblical values, something the industry desperately needs," says Dr. Ted Baehr, founder, and publisher of Movieguide®.

Screenwriters can stay up to date, learn more, or enter with Kairos here. (now accepting television pilot screenplays!)

The Kairos Prize® will award a total of $15,000 in prizes to a grand prize winner. Not only will the winner get an exclusive pitch opportunity with top Hollywood producers, but all finalist scripts will be read by industry members who have a history of optioning and producing Kairos Finalists, with or without a win. Additionally, winners & finalists will receive a 6-month listing at Scriptlist and discounted registration in a comprehensive 'How to Succeed in Hollywood Without Losing Your Soul' workshop and course taught by Movieguide® founder, Dr. Ted Baehr.

It's no secret that past participants of the Kairos Prize have been recognized through Movieguide® and have gone on to work with major production studios such as Pureflix, Apple TV, and Sony Providence, to name a few. Key entertainment industry studio executives will review the winning script and/or hold a pitch meeting with their creative development team. Past winners of the Kairos Prize® include films such as THE GREATEST INHERITANCE (Alexandra Boylan), ALL SAINTS (Steve Armour), FINDING YOU (Jenny B. Jones and Brian Baugh), RESISTANCE 1942 (Landon Johnson & Jonah Hirsch), and SWITCHED (Alexandra Boylan).

"Kairos is an uplifting screenwriter's best path to top-level Hollywood Production," says Robby Baehr, CEO of Movieguide® & Chairman of the NRB Film Board.


Learn more about Kairos here. (Now accepting television pilot screenplays!)

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