The left seems confused about the definition of a “woman.” We’ve heard them call the overturn of Roe v. Wade a “war on women.” Meanwhile, the Biden administration is erasing women altogether by allowing biological men to play in women’s sports.

After 50 years of protections for women to access educational programs regardless of biological sex, the Department of Education is upending the rule to cater to the transgender agenda. The language has been expanded to include “sexual orientation, gender identity, and sex characteristics.” This means boys will not be denied access to girl’s locker rooms and private spaces.

To make matters worse, biological men will continue to outcompete women in sports. This will strip away their hard-earned scholarships. We have already watched dozens of men compete in women’s sports and easily place first due to their greater strength and athleticism. It’s simply unfair.

Title IX has historically been reserved for public institutions, allowing an exemption for religious schools. However, this provision has been removed without any further clarification. With no exemption, religious schools may be forced by the government to

Currently, the Department of Education is taking the public’s comments on this proposed expansion of Title IX. Submit your comments before September 12th to let them know that you oppose this regulation. 


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