Eagle Forum celebrated its Golden Anniversary in St. Louis, MO over the weekend at Eagle Council 50, where hundreds of Eagle activists came together to continue the fight for our nation’s strongest asset:freedom. Attendees heard from Senator Mike Lee (R-UT), Babylon Bee CEO Seth Dillion, former congresswoman and now Dean of Regent University School of Government Michele Bachmann, and Wallbuilders founder David Barton. Additional experts spoke on the Constitution, education, life, protecting children from radical ideologies, and additional other issues important to the pro-family movement.

“Our 50th anniversary celebration of the history and future of Eagle Forum was a glorious recognition of the power and influence of wives and mothers in America. Eagle Council 50 illustrated how engaged and energized our activists are to take on today’s biggest threats to our country,” said Eagle Forum Chairman Anne Schlafly Cori, daughter of Eagle Forum founder Phyllis Schlafly. “Eagles from across the country came to reinforce our grassroots effort to make a difference in their hometowns. The kindred spirit they share is our organization’s greatest asset.”

“We are excited for the future,” Kris Ullman, President of Eagle Forum, said. “Our members are committed to working on the local, state, and federal level on behalf and families and children. While the present problems America is facing seem daunting, we know that the future is shaped by those who get involved! The activists who came to celebrate 50 years of Eagle Forum advocating for the defense of our Constitution, freedom, and liberty, are today dedicating themselves to preserving the rights of parents to protect their kids’ gender and education, as well as protecting the life of the unborn, and preserving our Constitution from various attacks such as court-packing and an Article V convention.”

After an afternoon that featured speakers on abortion and gender dysphoria, Eagles enjoyed dinner on Friday with Seth Dillon who entertained the attendees with his speech on “The Power of Satire”.  Utah Senator Mike Lee followed Mr. Dillon with a discussion of the importance of protecting the Supreme Court from politicization, as laid out in his most recent book, Saving Nine.

Saturday’s panels included one on education and school board elections, another focusing on the Article V amendment process and election integrity, as well as speakers on Crime, Covid, Woke Capitalism, the weakening of the military and the crises with China and Russia. Participants heard from a total of 39 speakers over the two-day period.

Saturday evening, Eagle Forum hosted its Party with a Purpose at which they celebrated the life and legacy of their founder, Phyllis Schlafly, their first 50 years and their bright future. Mrs. Cheryl Barton, was awarded Eagle Forum’s Full-time Homemaker Award for her years of dedication to her husband, David Barton, and their three children. Mr. Barton then spoke of the enormous impact that Phyllis’s leadership in defeating the Equal Rights Amendment has had on our country and the courts. He was followed by Mary Summa from North Carolina, long-time Eagle and attorney who shared her memories of working with Phyllis to keep the Republican Party platform pro-life.  Representative Michele Bachmann inspired the crowd with her memories of Phyllis and the need for Eagle Forum to be involved in today’s cultural battles. Eagle Council concluded with remarks by Chairman Cori, entitled My Mother’s Legacy and Yours!, in which she charged the attendees to continue the fight for God, Family and Country.

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