Urgent Action Needed! Please contact your Senators immediately and forward this information via email and social media!

Democrats have high hopes of spending your hard-earned money on unnecessary line items this week. The Senate will vote on a continuing resolution (CR) that will provide funding for the government until mid-December. While this method of legislating is not uncommon in an election year to avoid a government shutdown, Democrats are attempting to secure their priorities before the expected Republican takeover of the House and Senate in the mid-term elections.

The CR as currently written is set to expire on December 16th – a date that is near the end of the lame duck session. The lame duck period begins after the November 8th elections and ends on December 31st. This is a time where some lawmakers tend to ignore the wishes of their constituents because they have either already won their election or are retiring and will face no consequences. Since we expect Republicans to regain the majority in the House and Senate, Democrats will be much more aggressive in getting the rest of their agenda passed during that time. This is why over one hundred leading conservative activists, including Eagle Forum Chairman Anne Cori, signed onto a letter opposing lame duck appropriating.

If this CR passes, Congress will have to consider and pass another government funding in December. Liberal Democrats will no doubt use the lame duck session and upcoming holidays to force adoption of their radical agenda. Some of the policies that were ultimately left out of this CR such as the same-sex marriage bill, open border initiatives, abortion funding, and COVID spending will inevitably be brought up after the elections. Eagle Forum opposes these policies and does not want them to be enacted now or in the lame duck session.

Let’s stand with Senator Mike Lee (R-UT) and the thirteen Senators who have called for a clean CR and for the government to be funded through the rest of the year. Contact your Senators now and ask them to vote NO on the continuing resolution!


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