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In less than a month, Americans will be showing up at the polls to cast their votes in the mid-term elections. This year it is important to not only get out and vote, but to educate your friends and neighbors about the candidates and concerns at stake. The top issues for voters include protecting life and constitutional liberties, fighting crime and controlling inflation.  Due to redistricting, open seats and the close majorities in Congress, both Democrats and Republicans are pouring time and money into their candidates’ campaigns. With Republicans slated to take back the majority in the House and possibly the Senate, we are doing our part to usher in a red wave for conservatives! Please help us by making a donation today to Eagle Forum PAC.

With this year’s redistricting, some Congressional seats have shifted and some states have added completely new districts. Each state has different laws regarding who redraws these maps. Some leave it up to their legislature while others require a bipartisan committee to complete the task. Those states with Republicans in control were able to redraw 187 congressional districts which consisted of forty-three percent of all districts. Democrats only redrew seventeen percent of districts. However, Republicans cannot be blamed for being partisan because, in the end, the new maps have six more Democrat-leaning seats than previously and six less highly competitive seats.

Republicans have the upper hand on incumbency. Twenty-two Democrats in the U.S. House are not running for re-election as opposed to the ten Republicans who are leaving office. Even in the cases where incumbents are shifted into other districts, they still have name recognition and a record that will give them more of a boost in the polls.

This year, Eagle Forum PAC has studied hundreds of races and endorsed solid conservatives who will uphold the Constitution and fight for families. Currently, the PAC has supported fourteen candidates in thirteen states who are advancing to the general election. While we are still expecting to endorse more candidates in the upcoming weeks, we want to highlight a few who are in competitive races.

The first candidate we would like to highlight is U.S. Senator Mike Lee from Utah. Sen. Lee has been an Eagle Forum ally for many years. At Eagle Council 50 in September, he spoke about the dangers of packing the Supreme Court and the urgency to protect our Constitution. Senator Lee is pulling ahead of his wishy-washy opponent Evan McMullin in the polls, but still needs our prayers and support. McMullin is running as an independent and the Democratic party in Utah decided to not field a candidate.  He has flipped on his support life.  In the past, McMullin called upon the Supreme Court to overrule Roe v. Wade, but when the Dobbs decision was handed down, McMullin denounced it. Unlike McMullin, Sen. Lee has a proven record of being an outspoken advocate for life, the Constitution and the families of Utah.

At Eagle Council 50, Sen. Lee spoke about the left’s audacious plan to pack the Supreme Court. He gave a history of how we came to nine justices and how to protect the integrity of the Court today. Watch Sen. Lee’s timely speech that’s laced with a bit of humor!

Previously endorsed in 2020 for the U.S. Senate, John James has returned to run for U.S. House in Michigan’s 10th district. This district, which covers the suburbs of Detroit, has seen its communities and businesses ravished by crime and the fallout of other liberal policies. Many of these problems have stemmed from liberal Democrat Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s policies. Fortunately, recent polls have James up by eight points against his Democrat opponent Carl Marlinga. The people of Michigan clearly believe in the American Dream that James is committed to fighting to protect.

Over six hundred miles away in New Jersey’s 6th district, Sue Kiley is challenging thirty-four-year Democrat incumbent Representative Frank Pallone. Kiley has come out strong for parents and students by combatting the harmful critical race theory agenda. She is also passionate about cleaning up crime in her community by supporting law enforcement, gun rights, and border security measures. She will have a tough race against Rep. Pallone, but we hope that parental and constitutional rights will prevail.

It’s not too late to ask for an endorsement or recommend a candidate for endorsement through Eagle Forum PAC. Candidates must fill out our questionnaire found here. You can also view your incumbent Representative or Senator’s voting record from this Congressional session here. Our scoreboard shows you how your official voted on the issues most important to Eagle Forum.

What can you do? Remember to VOTE on NOVEMBER 8th! Consider becoming a poll watcher or election official – you can learn more here from the Election Integrity Network.  Educate your friends and family about the issues and candidates in your area! And lastly, please help us help conservative candidates by donating to Eagle Forum PAC here!

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