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Sunday, May 19, 2024 - 09:06 PM


First Published in 1994


PLEASE NOTE—IMPORTANT DETAIL: Do not take this flier to the polls. By law, you may take only a list of names and offices to the polling site.

  • For candidates already in an office, I have been able to check voting records. My comments reflect their voting records over the course of their tenure.
  • For those who have never run for office before, and who claim a position, I will state their claim, but understand I have nothing by which to verify that claim.
  • Polls are open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. A photo ID is required to vote in South Carolina.

US Senate

Tim Scott (R) – INCUMBENT - www.votetimscott.com   

Tim Scott is a former insurance businessman. Started at the County Council level, then ran for State House, then US Congress, then was appointed to the seat by the governor when Jim DeMint retired. He was and is considered a Tea Party candidate. He’s considered a fiscal as well as social conservative. He will be inclined toward less regulation and more toward business-friendly environments. Got an “A” from the NRA and their endorsement. National Right to Life Ranking of 100% and their endorsement. He worked with Donald Trump to create opportunity zones for business to grow in depressed areas in cities, and he is a proponent of Charter schools and School Choice. He is endorsed by Donald Trump, and most of the SC Republicans.

Krystle Matthews (D) - https://www.matthewsforsenate.com   

She is a SC House member. Based on her website, she favors the current situation at the border (open Borders) and would like to pass legislation making it even easier for people to come to the US.  Wants to pass a Federal ERA bill, and/or pass the amendment to the constitution.  She also is calling for the Federal government to pass a federal bill to codify the Roe ruling that the US Supreme Court just struck down, to impose a Pro–Abortion law on all the states.  She got an F ranking from the NRA. American Conservative Union (ACU) 24% ranking, SC Club for Growth 15%.  Endorsed by Everytown for Gun Safety.  She has made controversial comments, both in the primary and since she won the primary, some so extreme and bigoted that even members of her party have called for her to quit the race.  One of her quotes about white people: “I keep them right here, like under my thumbs.  That’s where I keep it, like … you have to, like, otherwise they get outta control like kids.”

Evert:  I endorse and would enthusiastically vote for Tim Scott.

3rd District Congress


NRA A Rank and Endorsement, National Right to Life 100% & Endorsement

4th District Congress

William Timmons (R) – INCUMBENT - UNOPPOSED

NRA A rank and endorsement, National Right to Life 100% & Endorsement.

Even though I state that he is unopposed because he has no opposition on the ballot, there is a Democrat mounting a write-in campaign against him.

SC Governor

Henry McMaster (R) – INCUMBENT - https://henrymcmaster.com/  

Current Governor who has served as governor since President Trump picked Nikki Haley to be the ambassador to the UN. McMaster has held multiple offices including state party chairman, US Attorney, attorney general, lieutenant governor, and now governor. He was the first elected official in the nation to endorse Donald Trump for president. Pres. Donald Trump has endorsed him for reelection. He has an A ranking & endorsement from the NRA. He has served as a center right Governor. He has signed Pro-Life legislation and the open carry law.  He has served with Pamela Evette as his lieutenant-governor, running with him for reelection. She’s a businesswoman from the Travelers Rest area.

Joe Cunningham (D) - http://www.joeforsouthcarolina.com

Environmental Attorney, former 1st District Congressman for one term. While he was a congressman, received a 6% rating from the National Right to Life—he is very Pro-Abortion.  While in Congress he wrote the bill to ban offshore drilling in the US.  Wants to Pass HR1, which is the bill that would take all the shady and bad things that the Dems did in 2020 and legalize them: ballot harvesting, instant voter registration, mail-in ballots, early voting with no procedures to protect against fraud, and federalizing the voting process which is unconstitutional (that process belongs to the states).  Wants to legalize pot and has called for reforming policing and to reform the criminal justice system (he believes that too many people are in jail)—definitely NOT a law and order and police defender.  Received an F from the NRA; endorsed by Everytown for Gun Safety.

Morgan Bruce Reeves (Libertarian)

Mr. Reeves is a former football player and current minister working in the State of SC. I don’t know if his views have changed over the years or if he just adapts to the party he is running for, because he has changed where he is on some issues.  He has run for Governor in 2010, 2014, and again this year, all in different parties.  He has been a Green, United Citizens, and now Libertarian party nominee. On abortion, his website states that he will “Oppose any legislation that prevents access to desired medical care for any individual.”  There is so much in that statement that could be very dangerous and wrong. I understand this is about abortion, but does he hold the same view on assisted suicide, affirming care of juveniles in Trans surgeries or even other medical procedures that are not in the public debate right now?

Evert: I endorse and will be voting for Henry McMaster.
Attorney General

Alan Wilson (R) – INCUMBENT - www.wilsonforag.com - UNOPPOSED

NRTL Rank 100 with Endorsement, NRA rank A with Endorsement, and Donald Trump Endorsement.

Secretary of State

Mark Hammond (R) – INCUMBENT - http://hammond4sc.com/

Current INCUMBENT. He has modernized the office from when he first took over and he has been a watch dog over charitable organizations, making sure that they are actually funding the causes they say they fund. In the past he has received an A ranking from NRA; they did not do one this year for the primary.  He has been a good administrator for this last term in office.  I see no reason not to reelect him.

Rosemounta Peggy Butler (D) - https://peggyforsc.com/

Former City Councilwoman for West Columbia and served as Mayor Pro-Tem.  A disabled Gulf War vet, who is campaigning on helping small business and disabled veterans.  Other campaign issues are Women’s Rights and Gun control.  In 2016 she received a 29%(F) from the NRA.  From her statements I believe she is Pro-Abortion but she does not openly state it.

Evert: I endorse and will be voting for Mark Hammond for reelection.


Curtis Loftis (R) - Incumbent - https://curtisloftis.com/                                

The Treasurer is responsible for handling the state’s monies that are collected via taxes and other sources, he also handles the pension funds for state employees.  Former businessman. Part of the reformist coalition on the State Budget and Control Board (which is more powerful than the Gov.’s office). Social and fiscal conservative. Advocate for leaner, more conservative government. The “good ‘ole boys” in this state absolutely hate him. Strong advocate of spending less money at the state level. Part of the Tea Party revolution several years ago. Has received “A” rating from NRA in the past.

Sarah Work (Alliance) - https://workforsc.org/  

Has previously run as a write-in candidate for SC House District 47 and ran for this same office 4 years ago. She is a CPA and has a master’s degree in taxation.

Evert: I endorse and will be voting for Curtis Loftis for reelection.


Richard Eckstrom (R) - Incumbent - UNOPPOSED

Superintendent of Education

Ellen Weaver (R) - http://www.ellenforeducation.com/

Graduated from BJU, then went to work for then-Congressman Jim DeMint. Has been a leader in the school-choice movement in SC for 10 years, evidenced by the fact that those who have competing views of school choice have personally sued both her and many other school choice advocates. The current head of the new Greenville GOP has brought these suits. She was against the mask and vaccine mandates for school. A strong advocate for parental rights. Strong Pro-Life views. Believes the state superintendent should be an advocate for parental rights, student learning of critical thinking in core areas, allowing teachers to exercise authority within the classroom, and to protect SC students and teachers from federal overreach and the forced imposition of world politics, CRT, transgenderism, vaccine mandates, and progressive politics. Key issues from her website include for students:
1) Laser-focus on literacy and math skills to get all students on track for success, 2) Unleash access to high-quality education options for every student, 3) Advocate for children with special needs; for parents: 1) Defend parents’ right to direct their child’s education. 2) Protect children from political indoctrination in every form, 3) Reject COVID mask & vaccine mandates in schools. One of the issues her opponents have used against her was that she lacked an advanced degree (master’s or doctorate). It was announced October 15th that she had completed her master’s degree, fulfilling a requirement that she needs for the superintendent of education. Major endorsements include Sen. DeMint, Dr. Ben Carson, Rep. Jeff Duncan, Dr. Mick Zais (former GOP Sup. Of Ed.), SC Sen. Josh Kimbrell, SC Sen. Dwight Loftis, SC Sen. Danny Verdin, SC Sen. Scott Talley, SC Rep. Bobby Cox, SC Rep. Josiah Magnuson, SC Rep. Garry Smith, SC Rep. Adam Morgan, SC Rep. Patrick Haddon, SC Rep. Roger Nutt. Additionally, former SC Sen. Mike Fair, Dr. Steve Pettit, Dr. Carl Herbster, Randy Page and Lenna Fox Smith.  She has raised over $500K.

Lisa Ellis (D) - https://www.lisaforsc.com         

Born in SC. She is the Founder and board member of SC for Ed.  She is part of the Education establishment, has fought tooth and nail against school choice, fought to keep schools closed even when COVID was generally over.  She is even more liberal on the issues than Kathy Maness (the AFA Union lobbyist).  Wants to eliminate a lot of testing in the state, is against parents bringing political pressure to keep teachers from teaching inappropriate materials. She opposed reopening the schools during COVID and fought to keep students in masks, has compared parents who oppose CRT to members of the KKK, is a big supporter of Senator Elizabeth Warren. She believes that the education establishment, not parents, should be responsible for teaching materials.  She has raised $67K. Endorsed by Everytown for Gun Safety (Anti-Gun).

Patricia Mickel (Green) - https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100081272827940

There’s not a lot online about her. I did hear her speak. She comes across as a regular person, a good parent, and a supporter of teachers. Not exactly sure why she’s running as a Green candidate as the Green Party is typically for the Far Left. She’s raised very little money.

Evert: I endorse and will be voting for Ellen Weaver.

Commissioner of agriculture

Hugh Weathers (R) – INCUMBENT - www.hughweathers.com  

Able administrator; has done an excellent job in this office. He is one of the few actual farmers to have held this office. In my opinion, it should not be an elected position at all. He is doing a great job, he deserves reelection.

Only Opposition is minor party candidates.

David Edmond (Green) He ran in 2014 in the Democrat primary and lost. Ran in 2018 as the Green nominee and lost. Served in the U.S. Army.

Chris Nelums (UCP) - https://www.nelumsforhemp.com                   

 He has run 4 other times: twice for SC House in District 79, once for SC Senate District 19 and for this race in 2018. He has run under the same party each time and lost each race. He has no chance of winning.

Evert: I endorse and will be voting for Hugh Weathers.

State House District #5

NEAL COLLINS (R) - Unopposed

State House District #10

THOMAS BEACH (R) - Unopposed

State House District #16

Mark Willis (R) - Unopposed

State House District #17

Mike Burns (R) - Unopposed

State House District #19

Patrick Haddon (R) - Unopposed

State House District #20

Adam Morgan (R) - Unopposed

State House District #22

Jason Elliot (R) - Unopposed

State House District #23

Chandra Dillard (D) - Unopposed

State House District #24

Bruce Bannister (r) - Unopposed

State House District #27

DAVID VAUGHN (R) - Unopposed

State House District #35


STATE House District #36


STATE House District #7

Jay West (R)  INCUMBENT - www.facebook.com/jaywestforschouse7          

Businessman; current incumbent. He has a Pro-Life voting record and a Pro-Gun voting record. He received an “A” ranking from the NRA and their endorsement.

Chris Salley (D) - https://www.salleyforsc7.com/  

Grew up in the Upstate of SC graduating from Belton Honea Path and then New York University.  His views are very liberal.  Some of the organizations he is a member of are radical liberals; one called the Sunrise Movement has held protests outside politicians homes all night so that the politicians cannot sleep—this group is socialist/very liberal.  His campaign website makes it clear he wants to silence Pro-Family (those not in favor of LGBTQ grooming) teaching in schools by labeling those in opposition as Pro-Hate.  In reference to the abortion issue, this is a quote from his website, “…I’m proud to be the pro-choice candidate in the race.”  Has received endorsements or support from the following groups: Moms Demand action, Everytown For Gun Safety, Progressive Turnout Project, & Run for Something (Very Liberal Progressive/Socialist Group.)  NRA rank of F.

Evert: I would vote for Jay West.

State House District #18

Alan Morgan (R) - INCUMBENT - www.morganforsc.com

Moved to Greer when he was in high school, and lives near downtown Greer.  Graduated from BJU and attends Morningside Baptist Church with his wife, Karis, who is a public-school teacher. Involved in local and state GOP politics for many years.  He has worked for and volunteered for conservative candidates.  Worked on Bill Connors’ campaign for Senate in 2013 against Sen. Graham. He decided to run for office after the company he worked for instituted a vaccine mandate and he left that company. The agenda he put out is to improve education, lower taxes, Pro-Life, fight corruption, 2nd Amendment, fix our roads, and no unconstitutional mandates. At the debate he supported protecting women’s sports in K–12 and college, getting rid of the Certificate of Need for hospital systems, reforming the DOT, and gave a very strong answer on why he opposes legalizing marijuana. Favors the broadest school choice options (public, charter, private, and home school) with tax credits and the money following the student. When asked who he voted for in the 2016 primary, he answered he was working on the Ted Cruz campaign, although he was very happy with what Trump had accomplished in his term. Alan not only states he is Pro-Life, but also has been involved in fundraising and working with the local crisis pregnancy centers for years. At the debate, Alan was by far the most knowledgeable and well-spoken of the group on every issue, and very transparent on where he stood on issues. He has a solid GOP voting record going back years. Endorsed by Adam Morgan, Bobby Cox, Josiah Magnuson, SC Conservative Fund (John Warren), Dr. Bob Jones III, Dr. Bob Taylor, Dell Baker, Dr. Jason B Ross, Pastor Josh Crockett, Pastor David Stockard, Paul Campbell, retired Col. Bill Connor, Thomas Chisholm, and Justin Alexander. Received an “AQ” rating and Endorsement from the NRA.  Plans on going to Columbia and shaking it up, not the go-along-to-get-along candidate.

Michael Reitz (D) - https://michaelforsc.com/

Graduated from Clemson with Industrial Engineering, likes cars and hunting.  On abortion would be Pro-Abortion, in favor of using federal tax funds for abortions, stated that there should not be any restrictions on a woman’s right to an abortion.  States that he is in favor of gun control (which is interesting because he claims to be a CWP holder), against funding for charter schools, in favor of raising taxes, and supports the adding of sexual orientation and gender identity into the SC discrimination laws.

Evert: I endorse and would happily vote for Alan Morgan.

State House District #25

Yvonne Julian (R) - https://www.facebook.com/YvonneForSC

Born in Atlanta, family moved to Chicago’s south side.  Graduated from the Illinois Institute of Technology (BA Chemistry, Honors) and Golden Gate University–San Francisco (MBA Operations Management).  According to her Facebook account she is Pro-Life, Pro-Capitalism.  In the WSPA interview she very clearly and succinctly explained why many in the black community are not in favor of the defund the police movement.  She supports the police and policing in the community.  She was born into a poor family but was encouraged to get education and to better herself. Hers is a story of how someone can succeed under the freedoms inside the United States.  She currently serves as the First Vice Chair of the Greenville County Republican Party.  Endorsed by Rep. Ashley Trantham.

Tony Boyce (Independence) - https://www.facebook.com/tonyboyceisourchoice

Pastor of the Mt. Emmanuel Missionary Baptist Church. He has 4 goals as a future Representative: 1) To pass legislation that will repeal the Territorial Assignment Act which fixes the territories for each electric company,
2) pass legislation to raise revenue to fix our roads, 3) to address the rising homelessness in Greenville County by developing permanent housing for the homeless. 4) to listen to the constituents of the district.  He has run before as a petition candidate.

Wendell Jones (D) - https://www.wendellkjones.com/

Pastor and businessman. In favor of a “living wage,” has been active in the community, his views are generally liberal, although he stated that he is fiscally conservative. Wants to reform and change voting laws to make it easier to vote for any reason and wants to reform the prison and criminal justice system.

Evert - I would endorse and vote for Yvonne Julian.

State House District #28

Ashley Trantham (R) - INCUMBENT - https://www.facebook.com/AshleyTranthamSCRep/    

Local realtor, Pro-Life leader, and member of the Freedom Caucus.  Sponsored the Save Women’s Sports Bill (specified that some playing in sports programs in schools must be restricted to biological sex from birth).
Co-sponsor of the Pro-Life legislation in the special session; pro-gun voting record, has NRA’s A ranking and endorsement, SC Club for growth rank of 70%, ACU of 75%, SC Republican Liberty Caucus 100%.

John Fritz Wiebel (D)                                               

Mr. Wiebel has run for office in District 27, but that was over a decade ago; he has no website and he has raised less than $2,000.  Running on fixing the roads and reforming the electric power districts.  Endorsed by Progressive Turnout Project.

Evert:  Ashley Trantham is the conservative in this race. I endorse and would vote for Ashley Trantham.

13th Judicial Circuit Solicitor


Greenville County Auditor


Greenville County Treasurer

Al Hodges (R) - www.hodgesfortreasurer.com - UNOPPOSED

Greenville County Probate Judge

Chad Groover (R) - www.grooverforjudge.com

An attorney specializing in elder law. Graduated from BJU; got his law degree from Mercer University. A native of South Carolina. Past chairman of the SC Bar Elder Law Committee and a member of the National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys. Had served as a prosecutor for the US Attorney’s office in Iowa. Also served as counsel on the US Judicial Committee under Senator Charles Grassley from Iowa.  Endorsed by John Warren, Rep. Bruce Bannister, Rep. Adam Morgan, Steve Pettit, Bob Jones III, Sen Tom Corbin, Rep Mark Willis, Steve Shaw and Dan Hamilton

Debora Faulkner (D) – INCUMBENT - www.debrafaulkner.com

Former associate judge for the former Probate Judge Diane Smock. After Judge Smock retired, Faulkner ran for and has been serving in that position for the last 24 years. She has been an advisor to many probate judges throughout the state. She’s very knowledgeable on how the court works and on the law. For most of those years she has run unopposed and for many people she was seen as a conservative Democrat. As the years have gone by, she’s stayed in the Democrat Party and seems to have drifted further left to the point where this past June she was a speaker at the Gay Pride Event at the Greenville County Democratic Party.

Evert:  I endorse and will be voting for Chad Groover. At this point I feel that Faulkner no longer represents the values of Greenville County and so, for me, I believe it’s time for a change.

Greenville County Council District # 17

Joey Russo (R) - www.votejoeyrusso.com

Former law enforcement, currently a small businessman. Running to bring a fresh vision to Greenville County. Graduate of the Citadel. Worked as a sheriff deputy for Greenville County. The issues he wants to deal with are crime, roads, overdevelopment, and jobs. These are the three items he says he wants to work on: increasing transparency in local government, investing in small businesses.

Sheryl Guarniero (D) - www.sherylgforsc.com         

She grew up in NJ. Graduated from Rutgers University with a BS in Environmental Science and Resource Management. “I am a proud member of the LGBTQ and owner of a certified, disabled, woman, and queer-owned small business.” Refers to herself as “earth momma” and “green consultant.” She believes that housing is a human right. Her primary issues are expanding schools, supporting small business, repairing roads, new hospital, safer communities, and protecting our parks. She is fighting to keep LGBTQ books in our libraries.

Evert: I endorse and am voting for Joey Russo. As someone who supported Joe Dill in the primary yet recognized that Mr. Russo is also a conservative who campaigned as such, I enthusiastically endorse and support Joey Russo for County Council District #17.

Greenville County Council District # 23

Ben Carper (R) - www.drbencarper.com

Lifelong resident of Greenville County. Licensed real estate agent. He is active in ministry at Rock Springs Baptist Church in Easley. Former teacher and professor. Has written seven books. Supports a strong pro-business environment in Greenville County, encouraging growth and prosperity. He is a supporter of local law enforcement. One of the major themes for his campaign is protecting individual liberty and property. Running as a Jeffersonian conservative, saying that local government is the foundation of the country. Wants to protect the culture of Greenville against aggressive growth. Recognizes that government has a role but opposes government micromanaging citizens and supports individualistic responsible citizenry.

Alan Mitchell (D) - www.alanmitchell-greenville23.com

Grew up in Greenville County. Left Greenville Country to get his degree in architecture in OH. Currently appointed to the Greenville County Board of Tax Assessment Appeals and is the president of the Nicholtown Neighborhood Association. Has worked with Habitat for Humanity. Worked at the Greenville County Healthcare System (PRISMA) as a procurement and purchasing agent. His key issues are improving the infrastructure of the district, focusing on affordable housing and infrastructure systems, enhancing economic development, and focusing on local and entrepreneurial businesses, continuously improving public safety and public education, and improving public utility systems.

Evert: I endorse and support Ben Carper.

Greenville County Council District # 19

Benton Blount (R) - www.bentonblount.com - UNOPPOSED

Greenville County Council District # 26

Rick Bradley (R) - UNOPPOSED

Greenville County Council District # 28

Dan Tripp (R) - UNOPPOSED

Greenville county School board #18

Pat Sudduth (INCUMBENT)

Lifelong Greer resident. Former coach. Of the two candidates he is the most conservative. In the forum I attended, he was concerned about CRT, gender identity issues, and protecting parental rights to have a say in school policy debates, especially regarding what is being taught to children. I do know that he is what I would consider to be a social conservative.

Ann Middleton - www.annmarieforschoolboard.com  

She’s originally from Massachusetts. Has been a teacher and worked for the FBI. From what I could tell, she taught the sciences both locally and in Massachusetts. She did not attend the forum that I went to. Her website really gives only biographical information and her resume. Some of the verbiage on her website makes me wonder where her politics lie. One of her potential constituents spoke with her about gender identity and CRT and she stated she didn’t know where she stood on those issues.

Evert: I would vote for Pat Sudduth.

Greenville County School Board # 20

Tim Schuyler - https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100086092748508  

Top three issues are parental rights, curriculum that focuses on the core of learning, and a budget that is based more on local money than on federal money that comes with strings. Wants curriculum that is free of CRT, and believes sex education should teach abstinence. At the forum I attended, he was one of the two candidates who gave the strongest advocacy of parental rights and protecting children from unnecessary sexualization and grooming.

Chuck Saylors - (INCUMBENT) - www.chucksaylors.com

Has lived in Greenville County his whole life. Has been on the school board since 2002. Believes in community service. In 2009 he was the first man to serve as national president of the PTA. He has been part of the education establishment on both the local and national levels. He was on the school board when it voted to go around state law to create the B.E.S.T. organization that allowed the district to build capital buildings despite the voters rejecting that bond issue. He voted in favor of and was on the board of B.E.S.T. The state eventually outlawed this specific end-run around bond referendums and state law. During the forum, when asked about gender identity and sexualization of children and whether or not it occurred in schools, he answered that he thought the district was doing a good job of handling this issue. He has fought against school choice for a very long time, and in the past he has voted in favor of every single tax hike that the district was allowed to make until the state stripped that ability from them.

Evert: I endorse and would vote for Tim Schuyler.

Greenville County School Board #22

Lynda Leventis-Wells - (INCUMBENT) - www.lyndaforeducation.com

Endorsed by Jason Elliot, Deb Sofield, Pam Simpson, Sheriff Hobart Lewis, Joey Hudson, and Ray Lattimore. Of all the current school board members, she is the closest to being a conservative, although she has voted for tax increases in the past. She also ran for Superintendent of Education and endorsed Kathy Maness in the primary runoff against Ellen Weaver.  

Lura Godfrey - www.lura4education.com                                

Former teacher. Outgoing PTA president of Stone Academy, and cofounder of LMG Architects.  Was raised in Spartanburg. At the forum, she made it very clear about her support of public schools, which tells me she is not a supporter of school choice. When asked about parents’ roles school policies, she said she trusted the teachers on that subject. She also stated that she wanted to make sure we had “equity” in our school curriculum, which is code for CRT. Her response to the question regarding teaching gender identity in schools was that the schools need to be gender affirming, which is code for transgender ideology and LGBTQ ideology—the only question is how young does she want those classes to start.

Evert: I would vote for Lynda Leventis-Wells.  As a conservative, there’s no other choice.

Greenville County School Board #24

Dr. Gene Beckner - www.beckner4education.com

Pastor at Brookwood Church in Simpsonville. He is a former educator. He has a BA in secondary education from USC and an MA in Counselor Education from Clemson. He’s been a teacher, coach, mentor, and administrator in both public and private schools. He’s running as a conservative. He has made it very clear that he is against CRT and is a social conservative. At the forum, his answer to the question of what is the role of parents in school policies: “Parents are the authority over their children.” The authority resides with the parents for any and all gender and CRT ideologies. Has been endorsed by Lisa Van Riper who is a prolife advocate and social conservative.

Dr. Anne Pressley - www.pressley4education.com

She has taught in the public school system for 27 years. She’s been a teacher, an instructional coach, an assistant principal. For the last 7 years, she has worked for the State Board of Education under Molly Spearman. Most of the information on her website is a recitation of her resume and what I would say is bureaucratic word salads. She doesn’t talk much about actual policies nor about issues that are currently going on in our schools. Just the fact that she worked at the State Department of Education under Molly Spearman would be enough for me not to vote for her.

Evert: I endorse and would vote for Dr. Gene Beckner.

Greenville county School board #26

Amanda Brett - //medium.com@amandaforgreenvilleschools">https://medium.com@amandaforgreenvilleschools

What I do know is that she is running as a conservative. She is the mother of two boys, and she started getting involved in school politics when decisions were being made about her children without her input. She is against sexually explicit books being available to minors and believes boys’ sports should be played by boys and girls’ sports by girls. I know that Joey Russo’s business has one of her signs on his property, but I do not know if he is actually supporting her or not. There is very little information out there for people to find about her and she did not attend the forum put on by the Republican Women’s Club.

Roger Meek - (INCUMBANT)                                  

He is the current school board chairman. I know he has served on the board for more than 25 years because he received an award for that accomplishment. Stated that one of his greatest accomplishments was getting a starting for new teachers to 45K. Believes that we need less state testing. One of the things he mentioned in his closing remarks at the forum was that he was proud of his leadership regarding the B.E.S.T. multi-school building program (see explanation under Chuck Saylors for District 20).

Stephanie Leonard - https://stephleonard.com

Mother of four. Registered nurse, working in public health for 20 years. Grew up in the Upstate. First of her family to graduate high school. At the forum, most of her answers were read, so she had prepared statements. She danced around some topics, which I believe tells me her politics may be more liberal. She talked about “equity” and mental health in regard to safety in the schools. She didn’t clearly state it, but she came across as someone who would be supporting a lot of the sexualization of students through LGBTQ ideologies that are currently being taught.

Evert: I would probably vote for Amanda Brett. I believe she is the most conservative candidate, although she is also very connected to MySCGOP group which seeks to define anyone who disagrees with their views as RINOs.

Greenville county School board #28

Jeff Cochran - www.cochran4education.com

Running as a Bible-believing, born-again Christian. 31 years of teaching experience in public schools. Taught several different high school mathematics courses. Key issues: “We should not be teaching sexual content to our young children; there is no place for pornographic books and materials in public schools. Biological males should use the boys’ restroom and biological girls should use the girls’ restroom.” Same for sports. “There should be absolutely no place in our public schools for the teaching of Critical Race Theory.” At the forum, he was the second of the two candidates who took very strong stands when it came to CRT and gender and sexuality issues. As you can see from above, he’s very transparent where he is on these issues.

Brittany Hilbert - www.brittany4schoolboard.com

From her website: “I’m running for school board in District 28 because I believe all kids deserve access to high quality education in an environment where they are physically and emotionally safe.” She has a BA in sociology from University of Georgia. At the forum, her comments to several questions, even though carefully worded, gave me the impression that she was a liberal. Going on Facebook, there are a lot of posts that I can’t even quote to you because of the vulgarity, profanity, and vitriol directed at the GOP or perceived conservatives. One of the images that she had posted on her Facebook page was in support of the LGBTQ, Black Lives Matter, pro-abortion, and other liberal causes. From her Facebook postings, it is very clear that she and Lura Godfrey are the two most liberal candidates we have running for school board in long time.

Steven Watterson                                                    

Currently works for the State Board of Education. He had filed for retirement, but he is still retained in his role for all of next year, something he actually let us know about at the forum. I don’t believe he can effectively serve in both roles while he works out of Columbia.

Evert:  I would endorse and vote for Jeff Cochran. He is by far the conservative running in this race.

Greenville county SOIL AND WATER

Mike Stewart                                                

This office allows you to vote for two people. Mike Stewart is on the ballot. The other office will be filled by write-in votes.  I would vote for Mr. Stewart

I just found out that a young man Christopher Hall is running for this empty seat as a write in.  Please vote for him as a Write in.



There are two questions on the ballot.

1. Statewide Constitutional Amendments Must Section 36(A), Article III of the Constitution of this State, relating to the General Reserve Fund, be amended so as to provide that the General Reserve Fund of five percent of general fund revenue of the latest completed fiscal year must be increased each year by one-half of one percent of the general fund revenue of the latest completed fiscal year until it equals seven percent of such revenues?

Explanation: A ‘Yes’ vote will increase the amount of money state government must keep in the General Reserve Fund (its "rainy day" fund) from 5% of the previous year's revenue to 7% of the previous year's revenue.

Evert:  I would vote yes.

2. Must Section 36(B), Article III of the Constitution of this State be amended so as to provide that the Capital Reserve Fund of two percent of the general fund revenue of the latest completed fiscal year be increased to three percent of the general fund revenue of the latest completed fiscal year and to provide that the first use of the Capital Reserve Fund must be to offset midyear budget reductions?

Explanation: A ‘Yes’ vote will increase the amount of money state government must appropriate to the Capital Reserve Fund (the “reserve and capital improvements” fund) from 2% of the previous year’s revenue to 3% of the previous year’s revenue and require that the Capital Reserve Fund’s first priority is to offset midyear budget cuts at state agencies.

Evert:  I would vote yes!!


About the Author, Evert Headley

Evert has been involved with politics since 1989, both at state and local levels. He considers himself to be a Reagan conservative (conservative on social, economic, and national security issues). His first issue is always the Right to Life (without that right, which is endowed by our Creator, none of the other rights even exists). His second issue is always the Second Amendment (the right to bear arms) because this right guarantees the ability of individuals and states to defend the other rights. His third issue is always the First Amendment (freedom of religion, speech and assembly). His fourth issue is the defense of capitalism and the defeat of Socialism/Marxism/Fascism, along with the protection of private property rights. On the national level, we are printing too much money, spending too much money, and borrowing too much money. The federal government is trying to usurp and infringe upon the rights reserved to the states and to the individuals.

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