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Since daily record-keeping began at the South Pole in 1957, three recent November days broke record minimum temperatures in the land of snow and ice. November 16 dropped to -46.0 °C with the previous low temperature for that date -45.7 °C in 1987; November 17 tied its record cold mark for that date with -45.1 °C, the same as in 1999; and November 18 reached -45.2 °C, breaking the previous record of -44.7 °C in 1985.

The record cold temps come on the heels of a record cold winter in 2021, during which a research station on a high plateau in Antarctica recorded an average temperature of -78° degrees Fahrenheit (-61° C) over a six-month period between April and September of 2021.

It’s terribly inconvenient for climate alarmists who report every heat wave as if it’s the end of the world. The very same climate alarmists recently finished their COP27 conference in Egypt, which many world leaders framed as a disappointment.

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen said of the recent COP27: “COP27 marks a small step towards climate justice but much more is needed for the planet.”

“We have treated some of the symptoms but not cured the patient from its fever,” von der Leyen said.

Perhaps von der Leyen can take comfort in the fact that a November reading of -46.0 °C, even if it is at the South Pole, is hardly a “fever.”

And the South Pole is not the only example of cooler than normal temperatures across the world — not that you’d read much about that in today’s climate-hysteric media. While every heat wave is reported upon as if it foreshadows a coming climate apocalypse, episodes of abnormal cold weather are, generally, not widely reported.

Consider the fact that Arctic Sea ice, long considered something that needs to be watched closely lest we see an ice-free North Pole in summer months, has quietly been growing since its low point in 2012. At the end of September 2021, Arctic Sea ice covered 4.92 million square kilometers, according to Arctic Sea Ice News and Analysis. That figure is 1.35 million square kilometers higher than the 2012 low, which so worried carbon-credit salesman Al Gore to the point that he warned “The North Pole will be ice-free in the summer by 2013 because of man-made global warming.”

In addition, Greenland’s “shrinking” ice sheet, which many climate alarmists point to as a sure sign of global warming, appears to have grown, according to data from the Danish Meteorological Institute (DMI). From January to August, approximately 471 billion tonnes of ice were added to the ice sheet. This time frame includes the summer months, during which the sheet generally melts some.

“According to our calculations, this year the Greenland ice sheet ended with a total SMB (surface mass balance) of about 471Gt. This means that 2021-22 ranks the 10th highest for SMB in our dataset that goes back 42 years,” DMI reported.

And in America, much of western New York has been hit by an unusual winter storm, which has dropped an amazing six feet of snow on the area, with more snow forecast in the coming days.

But despite the obvious counterintuitive nature of the claim, climate hysterics are blaming the freak New York weather on — you guessed it — climate change.

“Global warming also warms the lakes, increasing the frequency and intensity of lake-effect storms. The warmer air above the lakes holds greater amounts of moisture, producing more snow when a cold air system blows through them,” writes Samuel Davidson for (Worldwide Socialist Website).

The climate cultists can never be seen to be wrong on anything. This is why you’ll see next to nothing in the news about record cold weather at the South Pole or the overall growth of Arctic Sea ice. And even when they do report on record winter weather, they find a way to blame it on global warming. Recall that in 2019, certain climatologists attempted to blame record cold temperatures on global warming.

The climate cultists will never be happy until everyone is terrified of their ominous predictions of impending catastrophe, which, of course, can only be solved by an all-powerful global government.

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