The Fraud Behind Climate Change

According to Klaus Schwab, the founder of the World Economic Forum, “You’ll own nothing. And you’ll be happy.” The United Nations’ plan for global socialism is Agenda 2030, which Schwab explains is “a great reset of capitalism”.

To understand Agenda 2030, let’s look at Agenda 21. In June 1992, the U.N. held an “Earth Summit” in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, which created the Framework Conference on Climate Change treaty.

Agenda 21 was part of the UNFCCC treaty. The Democrat-controlled U.S. Senate ratified this treaty and President George H.W. Bush immediately signed it.

While President Reagan had worked to reduce the powers of the Environmental Protection Agency, President Bush 41 signed legislation in 1990 that gave that agency new power to regulate power plants. This new power was supposed to fight acid rain and the depleting ozone. To help the power plants comply with the new EPA emission regulations, the Bush administration proposed the idea of “cap and trade”. This new “cap and trade” program set an overall acid rain pollution “budget” for the entire power sector and allowed plants to buy and sell pollution permits. The “cap and trade” idea was continued by Presidents Clinton, Bush 43, and Obama.

Agenda 21 was based on 27 principles including “common but differentiated responsibilities” and “sustainable development”. CBDR puts all the onus of responsibility on developed countries like the U.S. for causing global warming with the caveat of paying developing countries like India and China for this crime. All the developed countries that ratified the UNFCCC treaty signed what amounts to an admission of guilt for causing global warming by virtue of our high standard of living — supposedly at the expense of the developing countries.

Of course, this is a lie, but this one principle has been used for the last 30 years to place guilt on developed countries with a scheme to transfer wealth from “rich” to the “poor” countries as reparations. Eventually, the “poor” countries realized the gravity of this principle and began demanding “climate justice” for this manufactured crime.

When Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State, she proposed creating the Green Climate Fund. She committed that developed countries should contribute $100 billion per year until 2020 to the poor countries. As of 2020, a total of $10 billion was in this fund with a third of this given by the U.S.

The second principle is “sustainable development”. Its fundamental premise is that human activity causes global warming, so humans must be controlled. This is also referred to as anthropogenic climate change. Sustainable development stymies any activity that produces greenhouse gas emissions.

To accomplish this, populations must be moved into cities with dense dwellings and with only public transportation available for movement. Large land masses are to be left untouched for the wildlife.

Bill Clinton established the President’s Council on Sustainable Development and signed a multitude of Executive Orders dealing with greening the White House. He strengthened and created new wetlands and he set aside more than 7.7 million acres of public land to be off limits to humans, designated as “wilderness areas”.

The U.N. schemed to facilitate sustainable development at the local level by inviting mayors, county commissioners and city council members to attend its international meetings. Whenever you see or hear terms like Smart Growth, Smart Meter, and Best Practices, it points to sustainable development, the U.N.’s scheme to control every aspect of our lives.

The next major UNFCCC conference was held in 1997 in Kyoto, Japan that created the Kyoto Protocol.

Prior to this conference, the U.S. Senate passed Senate Resolution 98, introduced on June 12, 1997, by Senator Robert Byrd (D-WV) stating:

Declares that the United States should not be a signatory to any protocol to, or other agreement regarding, the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change of 1992, at negotiations in Kyoto in December 1997 or thereafter which would: (1) mandate new commitments to limit or reduce greenhouse gas emissions… (developed countries), unless the protocol…..also mandates…..commitments to limit or reduce greenhouse gas emissions for Developing Country Parties within the same compliance period; or (2) result in serious harm to the U.S. economy.

The resolution passed the U.S. Senate by 95-0. Democrats and Republicans alike were against anything that would harm the U.S. economy. Tragically, things have changed today.

The Kyoto Protocol was determined a failure by 2012 (though not publicly). Not one of the countries that ratified the Kyoto treaty met their emission reduction goals and at COP18 in Doha, Qatar a new commitment period was agreed to, but there were few takers. The U.S. was never a party to this treaty.

Because of the protocol failure, U.N. officials began to make much bolder statements in Doha. Former UNFCCC Executive Secretary, Christiana Figueres, stated that, “what is occurring here……in the whole climate change process is a complete transformation of the economic structure of the world…That does not happen overnight.” She also later admitted that this transformation would cost $90 trillion dollars.

Interestingly between 2015 and 2019, three events put the U.N. on a fast track to lower fossil fuel emissions claiming that otherwise, the world will come to an end: 

  • Agenda 21 became Agenda 2030 as it was obvious that the principles of Agenda 21 were not going to be met by 2021.
  • The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change issued a report:

    Without increased and urgent mitigation ambition in the coming years, leading to a sharp decline in greenhouse gas emissions by 2030, global warming will surpass 1.5°C in the following decades, leading to irreversible loss of the most fragile ecosystems.

  • The UNFCCC and the World Economic Forum signed a Strategic Partnership Framework in June 2019 outlining areas of cooperation to jointly accelerate the implementation of Agenda 2030.

In Agenda 2030, the 27 principles in Agenda 21 became the 17 lofty, unattainable “sustainable development goals”. Their utopian goals are impossible to achieve, but they serve as a smoke screen to accomplish control of every person, everywhere.

When the COVID19 pandemic came in 2020 accompanied by the global shutdown, there was a global collaboration with the U.N.’s World Health Organization. The shutdown gave the globalists a front-row seat to observe how very compliant and controllable world populations were, particularly in the West.

What has happened since the lockdowns to implement Agenda 2030? President Biden and the most radical elements of the Democrat party are consumed with ending the use and production of fossil fuels in the U.S. It requires a total disregard of Americans who must pay higher prices at the pump and for home energy. Undermining our national security, he has drained our Strategic Petroleum Reserves to its lowest level since 1984.

What Biden hasn’t been able to accomplish through Executive Orders, the Democrat-controlled Congress has been more than happy to provide with legislation. The so-called Inflation Reduction Act is heralded as being the most significant piece of legislation addressing climate change to date. It includes $370 billion in incentives for everything from solar panels to electric vehicles.

It gives the EPA an additional $1.5 billion in funding and amends the Clean Air Act to add a new Methane Emissions Reduction Act Program, which aims to grossly reduce our meat intake. Adding monitoring systems and increasing fines for non-compliance opens the door for the EPA to regulate methane produced by animals. In The Netherlands, for example, farmers have been required to reduce their cattle population by 30% in order to reduce methane and nitrous oxide emissions. Biden told the world at COP27 that the EPA will be strengthening standards “across sectors” to reduce our methane emissions by at least 30% by 2030 or by 87 percent below the levels of 2005. When the EPA starts regulating ranchers, it will include all livestock, including chickens.

The IRA also reinstates the Superfund excise tax on crude oil and imported petroleum products for the first time since 1995. This is formally known as the Hazardous Substance Superfund Financing tax. This tax is collected by the IRS but will refill the coffers of the EPA to clean up hazardous sites even though those being taxed have nothing to do with these sites. This will increase prices to every U.S. citizen.

We also have Environmental Social Governance where lending institutions grade companies not only on their carbon footprint but also on their corporate boards’ ethics, diversity, and inclusion. Digital social credit scores will be based on our movements, even in our homes and includes any contribution to organizations that create a carbon footprint. China uses social credit scores to control its citizens punishing them with lack of movement and purchases. Canada used a similar system when Trudeau froze and even confiscated the bank accounts of truckers who protested the COVID vaccine mandates.

Do not believe the lie that human activity produces GHG emissions that cause global warming. No one can prove this theory. There is only .04% of CO2 in Earth’s atmosphere. Right now CO2 is measured as parts per million and we have 414.72 ppm in Earth’s atmosphere. The optimal CO2 level in a commercial greenhouse is anywhere from 1100-1500 ppm. Don’t forget humans breathe out CO2 and plants have to have CO2 to grow. CO2 is not a pollutant.

Second, vote for candidates that do not subscribe to the human-induced global warming theory.

Third, stand against institutions that impose the ESG standards.

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