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Monday, May 20, 2024 - 08:22 AM


First Published in 1994


Black Conservatives Summit

CHICAGO -- A voice uniting Black conservatives cries out into a wilderness of "wokeness" as the U.S. celebrates Black History Month and enters the threshold of its most critical presidential election this century.

The largest gathering of Black conservative leaders in the Midwest -- described as "the Mount Rushmore of Black Conservatism" -- takes place in Chicago, March 24-25.

Among the scheduled speakers at the Fifth Annual Black Conservative Summit (http://www.blackconservativesummit.net/) are radio host Larry Elder, Dr. Voddie Baucham, and Lt. Col. Allen West, featured in the controversial film Uncle Tom II: An America Odyssey.

Along with other prominent Black leaders, they aim to counter what they see as a tidal wave of "wokeness" in the U.S. -- often affecting the physical, spiritual, and political needs of Blacks -- and "give voice to America's conservative Black community."

Registration for The Summit is open to the public and working press, including a star-studded screening of Uncle Tom II that exposes what the filmmakers describe as "the Marxist strategy of creating false racial tension" between Americans -- an attempt to tear the nation apart.

"Too long have others spoken for the Black community... too long has the public been deceived by misrepresentation of things which concern us dearly," said Dr. Eric Wallace, a Black ordained minister holding a Ph.D. in Biblical studies, linking past to present by echoing the sentiments of Samuel E. Cornish and John B. Russwurm, co-founders of the first Black American Press. "We wish to plead our cause, to cry out in a wilderness of wokeness," Wallace said.

With his wife, Jennifer, Wallace founded Freedom's Journal Institute (FJI), https://freedomsjournalinstitute.org, a faith-based non-profit, and organized the first Black Conservative Summit in 2013. FJI's birth in 2011 gave tribute to Cornish and Russwurm, who originally started the first African American-owned and-operated newspaper by the same name in 1827.

Focus On Values

"I found it ludicrous that many folks, especially in Black churches, were not voting their values," Wallace said. "They felt liberal progressives were supporting a Black agenda -- when in fact the liberal agenda, which opposes pro-life and pro-traditional marriage, does not."

The summit will host a multi-ethnic, cross-generational group of leaders and attendees, focusing on traditional conservative faith, political, and cultural values, including FJI's foundational tenets of "Responsible government, Individual liberty, Strong family values, and Economic empowerment."

The Summit's theme – "How to Fix Black America" [with the word "Black" purposely crossed out]– will serve as "a constant reminder that America is 'one nation under God, indivisible,'" said Wallace.

"It's Christ over everything; our faith in God should drive how we vote and our civic engagement," said Dr. Wallace. "We are to impact the places where we live -- voting, running for public office, and using our voices to educate and empower all people."

Confirmed Summit Speakers/Participants

The Fifth Annual Black Conservative Summit has an unprecedented line-up of speakers who will join Dr. Eric M. and Jennifer L. Wallace, founders of Freedoms Journal Institute. Summit participants include Larry Elder, former syndicated radio talk show host; Dr. Voddie Baucham, Jr., founder, Voddie Baucham Ministries; Lt. Col. Allen West, executive director for American Constitutional Rights Union; Todd Ricketts, co-owner of the Chicago Cubs; Bob Woodson, founder, Woodson Center; Dr. Shelby Steele, Robert J. and Marion E. Oster Sr. Fellow, Hoover Institution; Jason Whitlock, sports journalist, Fearless with Jason Whitlock; Chad Jackson, filmmaker, "Uncle Tom II;" Charles Love, executive director, Seeking Educational Excellence; Curtis Hill, former Indiana Attorney General; Rev. Dean Nelson, chairman, Frederick Douglass Foundation; Walter Hoye II, president and founder, Issues 4 Life; Bishop E.W. Jackson, founder, S.T.A.N.D.; Alveda King, founder Speak for Life; Cecilia S. Johnson, director of Black RNC; Ceasar LeFlore, Illinois Family Institute; Ian Rowe, CEO Vertex Partnership; Dr. Robert Foster, MD, pastor First Union Missionary; and Jimmy Greene, CEO and president, ABC Michigan.


About Freedom's Journal InstituteDr. Eric Wallace, an African American scholar, and his wife Jennifer are the Co-Founders of Freedom's Journal Institute (FJI), an Illinois-based nonprofit organization -- inspired by the first African American-owned and-operated newspaper dating back to 1827-- committed to addressing contemporary issues through socio-political education and engagement with a biblical worldview. FJI's Kingdoms in Konflict program currently airs on Total Living TV Network and National Religious Broadcasters TV Network.