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Monday, April 15, 2024 - 01:40 AM


First Published in 1994


Why is China Buying Texas

Our federal government has given the green light to allow a Chinese company, owned by a former communist government general, to purchase 180,000 acres of Texas land near the Rio Grande, just north of Laughlin Air Force Base, in order to build more wind turbines.

The project includes a 30,000-square-foot lodge and private runway, allowing the Chinese to move people and equipment free from federal oversight. Experts warn the Chinese will be able to monitor and potentially interfere with air traffic at America’s largest pilot training facility at Laughlin.

The project also gives the Chinese communists a foothold in the Texas power grid.

As retired Lt. Gen. Steven Kwast points out, if the power or water stops, Laughlin AFB stops working. “It triggered alarms the first time that we got evidence of Chinese money.”

Former CIA operative and a former congressman for this area, Rep. Will Hurd asked, “Why this location and why this project? Why are we allowing a Chinese company to do that in the U.S.? A former U.S. general would not be able to do this kind of project in China.”

Why does the federal government get to decide for Texas who and what kind of projects to approve on our sovereign soil?

This project is a money sink that will never be profitable, despite the fact that it will receive millions of dollars of American taxpayer subsidies.

Why should U.S. taxpayers pay for the Chinese communists to gain a foothold in Texas and our power system?

As I detail in my Texas P.O.W.E.R. Plan, we need more nuclear and hydro, not more unreliable green energy projects.

What is the Chinese communist government’s REAL REASON for buying up a huge and strategically important part of our state?

After I sounded the alarm, we stopped the proposed wind farm, but the land is still in Chinese hands.

Only six states outright ban the foreign ownership of farmland. Texas has every right to regulate the conditions under which we permit foreign ownership.

It is unconscionable to me that some of our own Texas Republican officials are saying that the free market requires that we let the Chinese Communists buy whatever they want.

As Americans, we support property rights, but we must put patriotism above profits when national security is at stake. In China, there are no meaningful property rights or any other rights.

The free market is essential for free people. But it has to have rules and principles, or it isn’t a free market, it’s anarchy.

In anarchy, China can buy Texas land, even sensitive land near our military bases — because there is no one to stop them.

Texans must pass legislation to prevent China from buying the land that feeds our cities, houses our national defenses, and is our American birthright.

This issue has taken on a new urgency because the U.S. government is investigating cell towers with Huawei equipment that could be used to capture and send U.S. military communications to Beijing.

The Chinese Communists are our enemy. They want to be the world’s only superpower. If the Biden administration does not stand up to them, then we must protect Texas sovereignty in order to ensure our critical food and energy supplies.

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