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Sunday, June 16, 2024 - 01:22 AM


First Published in 1994


Bishop EW Jackson

EAGLE PASS, Texas -- E.W. Jackson, candidate for the Republican nomination for President, is visiting the southern border for the next two days. He is getting a guided tour by a retired Border Patrol Agent and meeting border residents impacted by Joe Biden's open border policies.

Says Jackson, "The first responsibility of the President is our national security and safety. Joe Biden has betrayed that responsibility and violated Article 4 of the Constitution, an impeachable offense. Securing the border will be a top priority for my presidency."

Jackson takes with him his National Security Advisor, Clare Lopez, a retired twenty-year veteran and former Operations officer for the CIA. "Kamala Harris and Joe Biden refuse to go because they don't want the American people to see the crisis they have created. I am spending two full days on the border to get an in-depth briefing on the security and humanitarian catastrophe. Five million illegal immigrants have entered our country under President Biden. It has to stop."

Jackson has expressed outrage that only two other Republican candidates have been to the border. "How can you ask the American people to make you President, but you don't come to the southern border to see for yourself what is going on here? Are they afraid? Well, our Border Agents deal with danger every day, and they need to know that the next President will have their backs. Any presidential candidate who doesn't visit the border, should be disqualified because it's one of the top issues the next President is going to face."

Jackson will visit border hot spots, processing facilities, private ranchers whose properties are being overrun, and speak to border agents about what they need to do their job effectively. After the visit he will release a report on his observations, conclusions, and the immigration policies he would implement as President.